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Each day, the writing of the Blog Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on all of the channels, and another one exclusively on TNT, so not to injure anyone.

In the programme tonight : The Crime of the Orient-Express on D8 and The King’s Speech on Ciné+ Emotion.

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  • ON TNT


On D8 at 20: 30

Technical data sheet

Release Date : April 16, 1975 (2h10min)

Directed by Sidney Lumet

With Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Jacqueline Bisset

Genre : Detective, Thriller

Nationality : British

Original title : Murder on the Orient Express

Box-Office France : 549 055 entries


Winter 1915, to Baghdad. The famous detective, the belgian Hercule Poirot on a visit to Turkey to return prematurely in France, and this unexpected return poses a problem, since returning from Turkey in France requires at the beginning of the twentieth century a prior booking a few days in advance for a crossing of the Mediterranean by boat, the plane was not yet a means of international transport very common. In search of a solution, he goes in the luxury hotel of the Istanbul station where he hoped that luck can give him a little boost. And, in fact, meeting in the grand salon of the hotel, his friend mr. Bianchi (mr. Blanchet in the French version, and monsieur Bouc in the novel) who is the director of the luxury line of Orient-Express, he gets through it a place in a car of the next train bound for Calais. Himself, the director of the line, will travel. The train takes off and begins the crossing of the first eastern european countries on the route. But a brutal murder occurs one night in one of the cabins of the train at the crossing of Yugoslavia : the businessman Samuel Ratchett is found in the morning in his bed stabbed to twelve strokes of a knife to the chest. During the same night a coule of snow unforeseen stopped the train in this region is also very mountainous. The sun is rising on a campaign totally deserted nearby, it has not fallen of new snow since the night before, and the state pristine coat of snow around the train shows that nobody is far away from the convoy. The culprit is probably still in the train. Moreover, the wait will have to last for very long hours prior to the arrival of the train snow plow service for the clearing of the way. The director of the line, which is the journey, then offers it to his friend Hercule Poirot to try and solve this murder as long as the train is locked, because when he leaves again, after the removal of the casting of snow he will have to defer to the yugoslav authorities, and it would be better for everyone that the guilty party is already unmasked in order to avoid a retention of travellers innocent by the yugoslavs. Then begins one of the most fascinating investigations in the history of the detective novel…

To properly understand the context in which the story starts, a preamble is required : 5 years earlier, the United States, the only girl of three years of a couple billionaire had been kidnapped by kidnappers and later found murdered after the surrender of a ransom colossal two hundred thousand dollars. The murder heinous, this child had led to other deaths. The father of the girl did not incur the death of his child and committed suicide with a bullet of pistol. The girl’s mother, pregnant at the time of collection, was quickly becoming depressed, losing both her daughter and her husband and had died in giving birth to a baby was born dead. Moreover, the murder had been followed by a court case very high profile, and nebula in which the young good wrongly accused had committed suicide, and then a man had been convicted and then executed on the electric chair in which had always proclaimed her innocence. All this preamble to the story is directly inspired by the case of the kidnapping of the child of aviator Charles Lindbergh.


Agatha Christie, who attended the first, considers itself to be filled outside of one detail : it does not find the moustache of Hercule Poirot as beautiful as what she had imaginé1. It should also be noted a small difference between the original work and its adaptation : in the novel, the countess Andrenyi, too emotional, does not participate in the murder of Ratchett. The number of murderers is, thus, to the twelve, as the number of jurors of the courts of the anglo-saxons. In the film adaptation, that number jumps to thirteen, but striking twelve strokes only, the countess joined her hands with those of her husband, to bear a single blow common.

Albert Finney was 38 years old during the shooting of the film, and to take the role of Hercule Poirot, he has to undergo every day two hours of make-up complex designed to give the appearance of a man of over fifty years. The scenes inside the train are filmed on sets recreated, the scenes of the landscape showing the train from the outside are touring in France in the Doubs department of france on the line Pontarlier Gilley in the vicinity of the former railway station of Montbenoit, and the initial scene of the climb on the train to Istanbul is a tour of the workshops of the SNCF at Saint-Denis, near Paris. The restaurant of the train station of Istanbul is reconstituted in a large London hotel. Some plans are very short at the beginning of the film are shot in Istanbul from the asian shore of the Bosphorus.

Renaud Machart, music critic of France’s Music World, the music of Richard Rodney Bennett for the Crime of the Orient-Express is ” their signature sound, which is why he is known throughout the world “.


The Crime of the Orient-Express was nominated six times for an Oscar in 1974, but only Ingrid Bergman won the precious statuette (Best actress in a supporting role).

[Source : Wikipedia]

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On Ciné+ Emotion at 20.45

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Technical data sheet

Release Date : February 2, 2011 (1h58min)

Directed by Tom Hooper

With Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Derek Jacobi

Genre : Historical, Biopic, Drama

Nationality : British

Original title : The King’s Speech

Box-Office France : 3 024 322 entries

Distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Budget : 15 000 000 $


In the 1930s, in the United Kingdom, the prince Albert, second son of king George V, has a severe stuttering problem. The abdication of his elder brother Edward VIII, who forces him to ascend the throne under the name of George VI. Now the king must speak in public. On the insistence of his wife, he meets Lionel Logue, speech therapist, australian to unorthodox methods. Despite the reluctance of the prince, the method of Logue’s work. Albert must overcome his language difficulties to pronounce, in September 1939, the speech by radio to enter the United Kingdom in the war against Germany during the Second world War.


The discovery in 2009 of the diaries of Lionel Logue in the attic of Mark, the grandson of the speech therapist, suggests, in contrast to the film, that the therapy did not use profanity and that the friendship between the two men was not up to the familiarity, Logue naming it respectfully to the king “Your Majesty” and not ” Bertie “5.

On the other hand, the therapy started as early as October 1926, well before the death of George V, and continued until the 1940s.


• Satellite Awards 2010

Best actor in a dramatic film (Colin Firth)

Best original screenplay

• Oscars 2011

Oscar best actor : Colin Firth3

Oscar for best original screenplay : David Seidler

Oscar best director : Tom Hooper

Oscar for best film

• Golden Globes 2011 : Best actor in a dramatic film (Colin Firth)

• 76th ceremony of the New York Film Critics Circle Awards : Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 36th ceremony of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association : Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 22nd ceremony of the Chicago Film Critics Association : Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 19th ceremony of the Southeastern Film Critics Association

Best actor (Colin Firth)

Best actor in a supporting role (Geoffrey Rush)

Best original screenplay

• 14th ceremony of the Florida Film Critics Circle Awards : Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 13th ceremony of the British Independent Film Awards

Best film-british independent

Best actor (Colin Firth)

Best actor in a supporting role (Geoffrey Rush)

Best actress in a supporting role (Helena Bonham Carter)

Best-case scenario

• Price Richard Harris (Helena Bonham Carter)

• 10th ceremony of the Phoenix Film Critics Society

Best film

Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 9th ceremony of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle

Best actor (Colin Firth)

Best original screenplay

• 9th ceremony of the Washington D. C. Area Film Critics Association : Best actor (Colin Firth

• 7th ceremony of the St. Louis Film Awards Critics Association

Best actor (Colin Firth)

Best-case scenario

• 7th ceremony of the Women Film Critics Circle : Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 6e cérémonie des Austin Film Critics Association :Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 4th ceremony of the Detroit Film Critics Society Awards :Best actor (Colin Firth)

• Film Festival Aspen : audience Award

• Festival international du film des Hamptons : audience Award

• Film Festival of Hollywood : Best actress in a supporting role (Helena Bonham Carter)

• 5th ceremony of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists (10 January 2011)

Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 25th ceremony of the Independent Spirit Awards (26 February 2011) : Best foreign film

• 31st ceremony of the London Film Critics Circle Awards (18 February 2011)

Best actor (Colin Firth)

• 16th graduation ceremony of the Broadcast Film Critics Association (14 January 2011)

Best actor (Colin Firth)

Best original screenplay

• 17th ceremony of the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Best actor in a leading role (Colin Firth)

• 25th ceremony of the Goya Awards

Goya award for best european film

• 24th ceremony of the European Film Prize

Best european player (Colin Firth)4

• 3rd ceremony of the International Online Film Critics’ Poll

Best editing

[Source : Wikipedia]

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