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In the programme tonight : Into The Wild on W9 and Kill Bill on OCS Max.

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Technical data sheet

Réalisation : Sean Penn

Scenario : Sean Penn, adapted from the novel “Journey to the end of solitude” by Jon Krakauer

Main actors : Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook

Production companies : Paramount Vantage

Country of origin : United States

Genre : drama Film – adventure Film – Biography

Released : January 9, 2008

Duration : 147 minutes


Christopher McCandless was an american student is very bright and just has to get his degree and who is promised to a great future. Rejecting the principles of modern society, he decides to go on the road, without telling his family. It burns his papers and sends all his savings to Oxfam. He went by car to the south of the United States. He discovers the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon, California and finds various small jobs around the Dakota or the Colorado in order to finance the rest of her journey. It happens in Mexico, when the idea comes to go to Alaska. It does everything to get there and finally manages to Fairbanks in auto-stop. He discovered the snowy mountains, and took refuge in a bus abandoned. There will remain a hundred days. More than three months of loneliness, of understanding of the nature and of the human being. He discovers in Alaska the happiness always sought spiritual peace and a kind of heaven, pure and healthy. At the end of two years of travel, he decides that it is time to go home. But it is blocked by the river and is forced to stay in the bus, waiting for the water of the river goes down.

Hungry, it is based on his guide to botanical dena’ina Plantflore that he misinterpreted and poisoned accidentally by eating the seeds of Hedysarum mackenzii, toxic, and little different from Hedysarum private bathroom (a legume similar to the pea tuberose) in which the swollen root is eaten in certain conditions by the indigenous peoples. Meanwhile, he understands that loneliness is not the ideal of the man. Chris is a young man loved by all, in effect, all of its meetings during the trip will be of love or friendship for him. But, blinded by his dream obstinate of Alaska, Christopher does not perceive the happiness that can bring the love of the other. It will take awareness by reading the lines from a book by Tolstoy that describes a perfect happiness in a micro-society in rural areas. Shortly before he died, Christopher McCandless will write with a pen on a page of a book “Happiness only real when shared” (” happiness is only real when it is shared “).

The film ends on a self-portrait of Christopher McCandless taken shortly before his death. An explanatory text mentions that the hunters have found two weeks after his death.


The track Stampede has been mapped in the 1930’s by a miner named Earl Pilgrim, and led to concession of antimony, located about 60 km from the town of Healy. The track still exists, despite the abandonment of the mine ; it is excluded from the Denali national park and crosses the river Teklanika. In 1961, she was partially transformed in the journey : the company Yukan, responsible for carrying out the work, then acquired three old buses out of use that it turned into housing summary ; when the works were stopped, two of the buses were repatriated, but one of them remained on the spot, 40 km to the west of Healy (63° 52′ 6.25″ N 149° 46′ 9.55″ W). The bus being too difficult to access, a replica has been created and placed in a place more accessible. You can see now this is a replica on the parking lot of a brewery in Healy (63° 51′ 49.06″ N 149° 1′ 1.39″ W).


• Golden Globes 2008

Best original song (“Guaranteed”)

• Gotham Awards

Best film

• Mill Valley Film Festival

Best actor (Emile Hirsch)

• National Board of Review

Best performance by an actor (Emile Hirsch)

• Palm Springs International Film Festival

Best director (Sean Penn)

Best revelation (Emile Hirsch)

• Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma (international film Festival of Rome)

Jury award (William Pohlad), (Art Linson), (Sean Penn)

• Mostra Internacional de Cinema of São Paulo (Mostra de cinema de São Paulo)

Best foreign language film (Sean Penn)

[Source : Wikipedia]

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On OCS Max at 20h40

Technical data sheet

Réalisation : Quentin Tarantino

Screenplay : Quentin Tarantino

Main actors : Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine

Production companies : Miramax Films, A Band Apart

Country of origin : United States

Genre : action Film

Duration : 111 minutes

Released : November 26, 2003


The Bride visits her former partner Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) and engages in a ruthless battle, which is interrupted only by the arrival of Nikki, the daughter of Vernita, four-year-old. The two women agree to resume their duel later in the evening, but Vernita shoots the Bride, who retaliates by throwing a knife in the chest, killing her instantly. Nikki, drawn by the sound of the gunshot, discovers the scene. The Bride tells him that she has killed her mother for a good reason, but she will understand if Nikki comes back at her when she will be older.

Flashbacks depict then the arrival of two local police officers on the scene of the massacre of the chapel, and their finding that the Bride is still living ; the attempted murder of Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), another member of the Detachment International Vipers Assassins, the Bride, is in a coma at the hospital, attempt interrupted by a phone call from Bill that cancels the mission ; the output of the coma, four years later, the Bride, who discovers with horror that she is no longer pregnant, and his escape from the hospital.

The Bride decides to take revenge on his accomplices who killed his fiance and the child she was carrying. It establishes a list of five people she has to kill O-Ren Ishii, Vernita Green, Budd, Elle Driver and Bill). Her first target is O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), who has in the meantime become the queen of the underworld of Tokyo. An animated sequence tells the story of O-Ren Ishii. The Wedding begins with travel to Okinawa, where she convinces Hattori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba), a famous blacksmith is now removed, him forge a katana. It then goes on to Tokyo, where, in a restaurant-music club, she confronts the gang of O-Ren Ishii, ” the 88, the crazy, and kills or badly hurts all of his opponents except one young person that spanks it with his katana. She stands then, O-Ren Ishii in a duel at the katana that she ended up winning in scalpant his opponent. The Bride interrogates Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), a lieutenant of the O-Ren Ishii, to whom she has cut off an arm, for she reveals to him where are the other members of the Detachment International Vipers Assassins in exchange for the safe life. The first film ends with Bill asking Sofie Fatale if the Bride knows that her daughter is still alive.

The plan breaks down as :

Chapter One: 2

Chapter Two: The Blood-Splattered Bride

Chapter Three: The Origin of O-Ren

Chapter Four: The Man from Okinawa

Chapter Five: Showdown at House of Blue Leaves


This first volume is a tribute confessed to the chanbara films of japanese sword, and is very strongly inspired, through the character of O-Ren Ishii, from Lady Snowblood (1973). It is also inspired by the action series asian of the 1970s (notably The Rage of the tiger) and there are also direct references to the series, Baby Cart from the manga Lone Wolf and Cub. The idea to include an animated sequence in volume 1 was inspired to Tarantino by the indian film Aalavandhan (2001), where the scenes of violence are depicted in animated sequences. During the battle of the ” Villa of blue leaves “, the Bride wears a combination of yellow similar to that of Bruce Lee in Game of death (1978) while the “88 Crazy” wear black masks like Kato in the television series The Hornet green.


• International film Festival of Catalonia : Price to the public in 2003.

• San Diego Film Critics Society Award for best editing in 2003.

• Saturn Awards, best film action/adventure/thriller and best actress (Uma Thurman) in 2004.

• MTV Movie Awards for best actress (Uma Thurman), best fight (the Bride vs. Gogo Yubari), and best villain (Lucy Liu) in 2004.

• Empire Awards best director and best actress (Uma Thurman) in 2004.

• Las Vegas Film Critics Society : Sierra Award for best editing in 2004.

[Source : Wikipedia]

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