[tv] Thursday, 22 August 2013 : The program on tv tonight

Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

The program this evening : THE GOOD the bad AND THE UGLY on France 3 and MADAME DE… on OCS Géants.

  • ON TNT


20: 50

Card program

During the american Civil War, three men, preferring to focus to their personal profit, engaged in search of a safe containing $ 200,000 in gold coins stolen from the army of the south. Tuco knows that the treasure is located in a cemetery, while Joe knows the name inscribed on the headstone which serves as the cache. We need each other. But a third man in the race : Setenza, a bully who does not hesitate to massacre women and children to achieve his purposes.

Technical data sheet

Original title : (it) Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (en) The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Production : Sergio Leone

Screenplay : Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone, Agenore Incrocci, Furio Scarpelli

Main actors : Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Eli Wallach

Country of origin : Italy, Spain

Genre : spaghetti Western

Released : march 8, 1968

Duration : 178 minutes (version française)

Set Design : Carlo Simi

Costumes : Antonelli, Carlo Simi

Photography : Tonino Delli Colli

Editing : Eugenio Alabiso, Nino Baragli

Music : Ennio Morricone

Production : Alberto Grimaldi

Production companies : Produzioni Europee Associati, Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas, Constantin Film Produktion

Distribution company : United Artists

Budget : 1 200 000 US dollars

Format : Couleurs – 35 mm – 2,35:1 – Mono sound


• Quentin Tarantino says that it is ” the film the best run of all time “.

• In the film Z by Costa-Gavras, one can see men in hand to spill a large poster of the film (around 16 min 55 s).

• The frame of the film Korean the Good, the bad and the Crazy (2008) is strongly inspired by the film and its title is a blink of an eye direct.

• In 2008, the character of Blondin, the man with no name is at the 43rd place in the ranking of the 100 best characters of the film magazine Empire.

• The group of English Rock dire Straits used the main theme of the film for the introduction of all of their concerts during their tour of 1981.

• The band Metallica uses the music of the scene in the cemetery (Extasy of Gold) in the introduction to all his concerts.

• The group Gorillaz has named one of his songs Clint Eastwood because this song uses a sample from the original soundtrack of the Good, the bad and the Ugly.

• The group of French rap, IAM is inspired by the film and protagonists for the title “A good raw sound for mobsters” on her album The School of micro silver. In addition, Akhenaten (one of the MC IAM) is regularly nicknamed Sentenza. Moreover, the song of Akhenaten Grows in the middle of the cactus, my resentment has a loop with a woman singing Sentenza, as well as a few excerpts from the Good, the bad and the Ugly and for a few dollars more, mostly with the voice of Lee Van Cleef. Finally, Kheops (DJ IAM) has produced two albums named Sad Hill (in reference to the name of the cemetery) and Sad Hill Impact. Sad Hill is also the name of the label that he owns. The cover of the first Oasis album, Definitely Maybe, watch a tv that broadcasts a sequence of the movie : Tuco tries to talk a Bill Carson in agony.

• Stephen King called the film as one of its main sources of inspiration of its cycle, The dark Tower, of which the main character, Roland of Gilead, has been created with Clint Eastwood’s character in the film as a model.

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20h40

Card program

To pay a gambling debt, Madame de… sells the earrings in the shape of a heart that her husband has offered. Some time later, the baron Donati she is in love with him is a gift of the same earrings.

Technical data sheet

Realization : Max Ophüls

Screenplay : Marcel Achard, Max Ophüls, Annette Wademant, Louise de Vilmorin (novel)

Main actors : Danielle Darrieux, Charles Boyer, Vittorio De Sica, Jean Debucourt

Country of origin : France

Genre : Drama

Released : September 16, 1953

Duration : 100 minutes

Dialogue : Marcel Achard

Image : Christian Matras

Cameraman : Alain Douarinou

Decorations : Jean d’eaubonne, assisted of Jacques Gut and Marc Frederic

Property Manager : Maurice Barnathan

Costume design : Georges Annenkov and Rosine Delamare, assisted of Georgette Fillon

Music : Oscar Straus and Georges van Parys

Lyricist : Louis Ducreux

Editing : Boris Lewin

Sound : Antoine Petitjean

Hairstyles : Jean Lalaurette and Jules Chanteau for wigs

Make-up : Carmen Brel, and Janine Broken

Script girl : Francine Corteggiani

Assistant directors : Marc Maurette, Willy Picard, Tony Aboyantz, and Alain Jessua (trainee)

Photographer of tray : Raymond Voinquel, Sam Levin portraits

Special effects : François Suné

General authority : André Hoss, assisted by Jean Pieuchot

Production : Henry Deutschmeister

Production manager : Henri Baum and Ralph Baum

Production companies : Franco London Films, Indusfilms (Paris), Rizzoli Film (Rome)

Distribution : Gaumont

Registration Optiphone, system Western Electric

Edition : Laboratory G. T. C Joinville

Format : Black and white – 1,37:1 – mono Sound


Max Ophüls has changed the end of the novel by Louise de Vilmorin. In the novel, Mrs…. died in the presence of her husband and her lover by providing a loop at each… Ophüls has left behind the melodrama into a tragedy meets his favorite themes : the pleasure is sad and love meeting death. We note also, as in other films of Ophüls, the obsession of ice and stairs.


• Nomination to the Oscar for best costume design for Georges Annenkov and Rosine Delamare, 1954.

Source : Wikipedia

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