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Each morning, writing the Blog from the Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT, so not to forget anyone !

The program this evening : THE DEATH YOU SO WELL on Number 23 and the TALES OF THE NIGHT on OCS Happy.

  • ON TNT


at 20h40

Card program

Technical data sheet

Original title : Death Becomes Her

Realization : Robert Zemeckis

Screenplay : Martin Donovan, David Koepp

Main actors : Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn

Country of origin : United States

Genre : police Comedy

Released : 23 December 1992

Duration : 104 minutes

Synopsis : Since always, Madeline Ashton, bad actress of a cabaret, robs the lovers of his friend Helen Sharp, writer. But when she takes the plastic surgeon Ernest Menville, it was too much for Helen, who falls into a deep depression that makes it unrecognizable. Seven years later, as Madeline has made Ernest a croc-death, alcoholic, Helen reappears, with a body of a young girl, and the firm intention to reclaim Ernest and eliminate his rival. But Madeline, not supporting more see his physical age, had obtained a potion that makes it eternal. And it is not the only one…


• This film is black humour, is a violent criticism of the world of Hollywood and denounce the superficiality and the quest for eternal youth, for which the stars are ready to all the excess.

• Helen drinks the potion on October 26, 1985, the same date as the “present time” in BACK TO THE FUTURE (released October 23, 1985), also directed by Robert Zemeckis. Moreover, it should be noted that the scene where Ernest risk his life on the roof of the mansion is virtually the same as that of Doc on the city hall in the same movie.

• The shots in the psychiatric clinic is found where Helen are directly inspired by those of the movie FLIGHT OVER the CUCKOO’S NEST by Miloš Forman (1975).


• Oscars 1993 : best visual effects

• Saturn Awards 1993 : best special effects, best actress in a supporting role for Isabella Rossellini

• BAFTA 1993 : best visual effects


• Saturn Awards 1993 : best actor for Bruce Willis, best actress for Meryl Streep, best director for Robert Zemeckis, best fantasy film, best makeup, best music for Alan Silvestri, best-case scenario for Martin Donovan and David Koepp

• Golden Globes 1993 : best actress in a movie musical or comedy for Meryl Streep

Source : Wikipedia

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at 20h40

Card program

Technical data sheet

Realization : Michel Ocelot

Screenplay : Michel Ocelot

Country of origin : France

Genre : Animation

Released : July 20, 2011

Duration : 84 minutes

Synopsis : A girl, a boy and an old technician of cinema to be found every night in a small room of cinema to tell stories. The film consists of six stories set in time periods and in different countries, in a world of chinese shadows. Before each tale, the boy and the girl decide, in accordance with the old technician, of the character they will play and the story they will interpret, they choose a time, a country, and costumes through documentation the technician brings them, and manufacture clothing and accessories with a machine controlled by computer. They then place behind the curtain of the movie theater, as the technician lifts when they are ready. The six tales are ” The werewolf “, ” Tijean and belle-sans-awareness “, ” The elect of the city of gold “, ” The boy tam-tam “, “The boy who never lied” and ” The girl-doe and the Architect’s son “.


• Five of the Tales of the Night, ” The werewolf “, ” Tijean and belle-sans-awareness “, ” The elect of the city of gold “, “The boy tam-tam” and ” The boy who never lied “, are taken from the series Dragons and Princesses, which had been broadcast on television in France on Canal+ Family at the end of the year 2010, but have been adapted for film and converted to 3D relief1. The sixth tale, ” The girl-doe and the Architect’s son “, was created for the film.

• The movie comes out in France on 20 July 2011. Operated on 402 copies in the first week, he has 142 877 entries ; it accumulates 186 452 in the second week, 215 549 in the third week and 229 572 in the fourth week.


• Berlinale 2011 :

Silver bear for Best actor (Michel Ocelot)

Golden bear (Michel Ocelot)

Silver bear, Best director (Michel Ocelot)

Grand Prize of the jury (Michel Ocelot)

Silver bear for Best artistic contribution (Michel Ocelot)

Silver bear for Best film music (Michel Ocelot)

Prix Alfred-Bauer (Michel Ocelot)

Silver bear – Best screenplay (Michel Ocelot)

Source : Wikipedia

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