Was H2O Delirious set up by their friends?

Was H2O Delirious set up by their friends?

As the video progressed, Ohmwrecker spoke about H2O Delirious being set up by his friends in 2013. This event led to some of his audio getting leaked. Ohmwrecker further alleged that the girl who H2O Delirious was talking to was a minor and the group members knew it too.

What did H20 Delirious say about the allegations against him?

H20 Delirious also addressed the allegations about him talking to an underage girl. He wrote: “I do want to address one thing that has been said that has been completely misrepresented. It’s something I have for many years been embarrassed about. And destroyed my trust for years. I never wanted to have to talk about this.

How old is delirious H2ODelirious?

[age 34] ), better known online as H2ODelirious, is an American YouTuber and video game commentator from North Carolina known for his Psychotic laugh, sometimes misspeaking and gaming videos . Delirious’ content primarily consists of him doing Let’s Plays of video games, or just messing around with his friends.

What did H20 Delirious say about ohm?

In another tweet, H20 Delirious wrote: “I’m currently trying to be happy and raise my child and be good at having a family, but constantly had Ohm in my messages everyday with some crazy questions and paranoia or blaming me when it wasn’t my game sessions. because people didn’t like him. And this what he does….”

What games does H2O Delirious play?

H2O Delirious created his YouTube channel on May 24, 2007. Over the years, he has uploaded videos clip from mainstream games like Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, Black Ops II, Ark: Survival Evolution, and Fallout 4. He has also played secondary games, such as Among the Sleep, H1Z1, Layers of Fear, and The Culling.

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