Was Jonathan Pie sacked?

Was Jonathan Pie sacked?

CONTROVERSIAL TV PRESENTER JONATHAN PIE LETS OFF STEAM TO A PACKED YORK BARBICAN In an attempt to salvage his career, controversial TV presenter Jonathan Pie takes to the road for The Fake News Tour. Jonathan Pie has been sacked!

Is Jonathan Pie actually a reporter?

Jonathan Pie is the online news reporter who, between live broadcasts, says what he really thinks about his subjects, in fact he says what he wants about the world out there.

Is Andrew Doyle Jonathan Pie?

Andrew Doyle is a comedian, playwright, journalist, and political satirist from Northern Ireland, who co-wrote the fictional character Jonathan Pie and created the character Titania McGrath.

What is Jonathan pies real name?

Tom WalkerJonathan Pie / Played by

How old is Jonathan pie?

age 43
Jonathan Pie is a character played by English actor and comedian Tom Walker (born: June 6, 1978 (1978-06-06) [age 43]), who, since the character debuted in 2015, has become popular across social media for his rants against various political figures from all across the political spectrum.

Does Jonathan pie have a podcast?

The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast: 233 – Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker & Andrew Doyle) on Apple Podcasts.

Who does Jonathan pie work for?

Pie has occasionally appeared as the London correspondent for the Australian satirical news and current events programme The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. Pie went on his second tour in 2018 with Back to the Studio. He performed 45 dates in the UK, five dates in Australia, and six dates in the US.

How do I contact Jonathan pie?

Jonathan Pie Agent and Management Contact Details

  1. Direct Tel: 07833.
  2. Direct Email: katie.
  3. Company Email: [email protected]
  4. Company Tel: 0203 1.
  5. Website: www.kp.

Who writes Jonathan pie?

Jonathan Pie
First appearance 21 September 2015
Created by Tom Walker
Portrayed by Tom Walker
In-universe information


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