Was Warriors by Imagine Dragons made for League of Legends?

Was Warriors by Imagine Dragons made for League of Legends?

“Warriors” is a song by American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, used by Riot Games for a music video promoting the League of Legends 2014 World Championship. It was also included on the band’s second studio album, Smoke + Mirrors.

Why does Imagine Dragons work with riot?

‘” He says collaborating with Riot just came about organically, with Imagine Dragons writing and recording the song ‘Warriors’ for the League Of Legends 2014 World Championship while the band also performed at the event live in Seoul. It’s all about external and internal conflict; very fitting for Imagine Dragons.

Who sang Warriors LOL?

Edda Hayes
2WEILeague of Legends

When was Warriors released Imagine Dragons?


Are Warriors copyrighted?

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What genre is Warriors by Imagine Dragons?


Who opened Imagine Dragons?

Tour dates

Date City Opening act(s)
Leg 1 – North America
February 12, 2022 Columbia Grandson
February 14, 2022 Belmont Park
February 16, 2022 Montreal

Why is Imagine Dragons so popular?

Imagine Dragons are one of a kind. Their music is so electrifying and gets you hyped up. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful and you many of us find that we can relate to them. The lead singer, Dan Reynolds represents his band in a great manner and has a powerful voice.

Who sang Warriors by Imagine Dragons?

Imagine Dragons

What genre is Warriors from Imagine Dragons?

Who made warrior cats?

Erin Hunter
Dan Jolley
Erin Hunter is the author of Warriors. It is serves as the pseudonym of seven people; Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Victoria Holmes, Tui Sutherland, Clarissa Hutton, [blog 1] Inbali Iserles, and Rosie Best, and formerly Gillian Phillip.

Who made the song Warriors?

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