We know a little bit more about Saw VI…

Attention spoilers ! Here are some revelations about the next volume of the saga, Saw, Saw VI (no pun rubbish in sight).

“Ze” information first remains the return of Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith. That was thought to be dead in Saw III yet ! Our little finger tells us that there will be flash backs in the air…

Staging more gore and back to the first episode, so more raw, closer to the good sausage from Toulouse ! Thin, dumpling. All that to say that there will be a return to the sources of a certain violence that the saga had slightly forgotten as bearings.

Question achievement, it will be Kevin Greutert to make its evidence in the year “Saw”. This person means nothing to you, normal, this will be his first film. But far from being his first step into the universe “Saw” as it has been, from the very first episode, editor of the saga. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton – already writers for the fourth and fifth volume, as well as Feast – will be involved in the scenario.

It’s going to be a butcher this movie. Yeah good, OK, easy.

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