Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) to the cinema ?

It is this that would say by some rumors to be relatively well-founded…

The handsome Wentworth Miller, from the series Prison Break, would be approached by director Gore Verbinski (The Circle, Pirates Of the Caribbean) for its adaptation of the popular video game Bioshock. This is what tells the actor on his Twitter account.

Bioshock is a video game first-person shooter. The player, the lone survivor of a plane crash in the middle of the sea, discover the underwater city of Rapture. A real dystopian, the hostile universe of Rapture is full of pitfalls.

A relocation of the shooting because of finance puts a little danger in the exit – or not – of the film. In any case, what is almost sure is that Wentworth Miller would have been cast for the main role of this feature film. Case to follow.

Updated : There appears to be no Twitter account of the actor Wentworth Miller. The case, therefore, definitely a fake, this news is the state of perfect rumour.

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