What age level is Hatchet for?

What age level is Hatchet for?


Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 5.7

What is so good about Hatchet?

Muscular prose, plus an accurate depiction of the necessities of survival from an author who has lived the details, makes this a riveting, intelligent read. HATCHET has won dozens of awards and appears on many summer-reading lists — and for good reason.

Is the Hatchet a good book?

A good story, but only for a secular audience From a purely literary perspective, Hatchet tells an engaging story and deserves its awards. However, I have come to realize that this doesn’t automatically make a book ideal for teaching positive, God fearing values. For that piece, Hatchet falls far short.

Is the book the Hatchet a true story?

HATCHET AND OTHER BOOKS ARE BASED ON PAULSEN’S OWN LIFE The 54 days 13-year-old Hatchet protagonist Brian Robeson spends in the Canadian wilderness are based on Paulsen’s own late childhood and adolescence.

Is Hatchet banned in America?

“Hatchet has been banned because some parents are uncomfortable with the trauma Brian experiences. The Giver has been banned because of Jonas’ rebelliousness when he breaks away from his society. Chains has been banned because of its graphic description of slavery.

Is Hatchet a 7th grade book?

Hatchet is normally read by kids and teenagers between 4th-12th grade.

What grade do you read Hatchet?

Hatchet is normally read by kids and teenagers between 4th-12th grade. For example, Hatchet was given a 5.7 ATOS score, which means that, based on this assessment of the book, it is most suitable for a fifth-grade student in their seventh month.

What reading level is the book Hatchet?

What is the summary of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

Hatchet was written by Gary Paulsen. In this novel, thirteen year old Brian is flying on a bush plane when the pilot suddenly has a heart attack and dies. Brian manages to keep the plane level until it crashes into a lake.

What is a summary of the book Hatchet?

Hatchet Summary. The novel begins with Brian Robeson, a thirteen-year-old boy from New York City, in a small bush plane on his way to visit his father in Canada for the summer.

What is the story of Hatchet?

Hatchet is an adventure story that will take its character from a common city boy to a survivalist in a manner of days. Brian Robeson is still reeling from his parents’ sudden divorce when his mother drives him to a private airport where he is to fly on a bush plane to visit his father in the Canadian oil fields.

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