What ammo is best for planes in war thunder?

What ammo is best for planes in war thunder?

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Ammo for Planes

  • #5 Tracer Ammunition (Best for new players)
  • #4 Stealth Ammunition (Best for ambushes/experienced players)
  • #3 Universal Ammunition (Best for versatility)
  • #2 Air Targets Ammunition (Best for killing aircraft)
  • #1 Armoured Targets (Best for killing tanks and heavy aircraft)

What is practice shell War Thunder?

Originally posted by Rumpelcrutchskin: It’s just solid metal slug with no explosives. They used them for shooting target drones that were towed behind other aircraft so pilots could learn to shoot moving targets. Nobody used them in combat belts so this is just Gaijin’s way to nerf some belts.

What is tank Ammo called?

Shells are usually large-caliber projectiles fired by artillery, armored fighting vehicles (e.g. tanks, assault guns, and mortar carriers), warships, and autocannons.

Are stealth bullets Good War Thunder?

Stealth ammunition is used by more experienced players because the bullets fired cannot be seen by the shooter or the target since the belt does not contain any tracer rounds. This is useful for ambushing enemies, as they can’t see when you are firing at them until they have received damage.

What are the different types of ammo in Warzone?

Ammunition belt types Currently, there are seven principal types of ammunition in-game, featuring slightly different shell types depending on the nation: Universal, Air Targets, Tracer, Night, Ground Targets, Armored Targets and Stealth. Universal ammunition is generally suitable for any engagement.

How many types of ammunition do you have?

You have many types of ammunition, each depending on the nation, the ammo belts, and the caliber of the guns being fired.

What is APC ammo used for in War Thunder?

APC is commonly found as a mid-tier shell for both the British and French on their mid-to-late WW2 vehicles. In War Thunder, APC is best used as a short-to-mid range round for combatting angled armour that regular AP rounds may not easily penetrate.

What is night ammunition in War Thunder?

Night ammunition is a variation of tracer ammunition where the tracer isn’t as bright, to help prevent flash blindness and preserve the pilot’s night vision. Night battles are rare in War Thunder, but once in it, the usual tracer rounds shine bright like lasers in the sky, showing every pilot the location of a dogfight.

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