What are all the monsters in Silent Hill?

What are all the monsters in Silent Hill?

Disturbing Stories Behind The Monsters In Silent Hill

  • Abstract Daddy aka Ideal Father (Silent Hill 2)
  • Bubble Head Nurse (Silent Hill 2)
  • Lying Figure (Silent Hill 2)
  • Pyramid Head aka Red Pyramid (first appears in Silent Hill 2)
  • Twin Victim (Silent Hill 4)
  • Asphyxia (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

Who is the main monster in Silent Hill?

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head as he appears in Silent Hill 2
First game Silent Hill 2
Designed by Masahiro Ito
Portrayed by Roberto Campanella

Are there zombies in Silent Hill?

Gum Head (Silent Hill 4: The Room) Gum Heads are like zombies, only grosser and more naked. There are two variations of this braindead enemy: this ones the Old Type Gum Head, whos easily the nastier of the two versions thanks to his melted-looking face and the bulbous grey tumor protruding out of his chest.

Why can James See abstract daddy?

Because it manifested from her subconscious, James does not see it in the same way that she does. Creature designer Masahiro Ito added that “James will never know drowning her in the sea of flame.” To James, the frame of the creature was influenced by his memories of Mary when she was bedridden.

What did James Sunderland?

He worked as a clerk for a small company, possibly in Ashfield. His father is Frank Sunderland, who is the superintendent of an apartment building in Ashfield. James and Mary met at a house party held by a mutual friend.

What does the pendulum mean in Silent Hill 3?

Curiously enough, the Pendulum are one of the few monsters in Silent Hill that don’t have any concrete symbolism, making them an outlier among the pack. Pendulums aren’t the only monsters from Silent Hill 3 that feature long bladed arms.

What does the closer look like in Silent Hill?

The Closer is the first enemy Heather encounters as she sets out on her journey toward Silent Hill. They resemble vaguely feminine figures, but with massive distorted arms that they use to either block entire hallways or else pummel Heather to death.

Who is Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2?

Pyramid Head was one of the primary antagonists in Silent Hill 2, serving as James Sunderland’s own personal tormentor. He’s since appeared in movies and other games, despite being tied very closely to James’ psyche. His appearance is modeled after the executioners of the Order cult, and his primary role is as a manifestation of James’ guilt.

What does the missionary mean in Silent Hill 3?

When it comes to Symbolism, the Missionary receives two nods. The first is in the name, which refers to someone who may be sent to help convert or welcome someone to a new religion. This is exactly what Claudia plans to do with Heather in Silent Hill 3.

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