What are Carddass cards?

What are Carddass cards?

Carddass (カードダス, Kādodasu) is a name given to Bandai’s card vending machines and, thus, a generic term given to the cards sold by these machines. Carddass is a registered trademark of Bandai.

When were Dragon Ball cards made?

The long and fruitful history of Dragon Ball card games started over 30 years ago in 1988 when the “Dragon Ball Carddass Series” made its first appearance in Bandai’s beloved card vending machines, simply referred to as “Carddass”.

What is BCC ID?

Bandai Card Game Club (BCC) is the official support system for both retailers and players. Players need to have a BCC ID to receive one-round byes for large-scale events. Players outside North America and Europe do not need to register for a BCC ID.

Are Topps Pokemon cards worth anything?

Pokemon Topps are trading cards that were first released back in 1999. They are collectible cards that originally featured Pokemon from the Kanto region, with characters from the Johto series joining soon afterwards. The foil ones are worth more, but the normal cards can still go for anywhere between $10 and $30.

Will Pokémon anime ever end?

Pokémon is not ending. It is the second largest video game franchise in the world (behind Mario) and the franchise as a whole is larger than any other media franchise out there.

What is Dragon Ball Carddass?

Dragon Ball Carddass is a trading card series made by Bandai in 1991. They were made in Japan and only released in Japan, and could be obtained through putting money in a card machine.

Where are the Carddass cards from?

The majority of the cards are from Dragon Ball Z, the middle of the Dragon Ball meta-series. There was also a Dragon Ball Z themed binder released for the cards which was called “Carddass Station System File”.

Is jiora in the Carddass game?

In additing to characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, the game features Jiora, the main character in Akira Toriyama ‘s Cashman – Saving Soldier manga, which was published around the time the Dragon Ball Carddass started. The Dragon Ball Carddass spawned the Data Carddass Dragon Ball Z arcade games in 2005.

What are the prism cards in the Dragon Ball games?

Parts 1 and 2 are cards from the first series, Dragon Ball. In both parts the cards were random from the whole series ( Emperor Pilaf Saga to Piccolo Jr. Saga ). There were six rare prism cards in each parts.

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