What are characteristics and key figures in SAP BI?

What are characteristics and key figures in SAP BI?

Characteristics and Key Figures

  • Characteristics are varying elements that describe an object.
  • Examples of characteristics are, age, gender, date, and airplane type.

What is calculated key figure in SAP BI?

You can use a formula to calculate the key figures of an InfoProvider for reuse or you can restrict the key figures using one or more characteristic selections. Calculated key figures consist of formula definitions containing basic key figures, restricted key figures, or precalculated key figures.

What are statistical key figures SAP?

SAP statistical key figures are statistically measurable values which can be applied to cost centers, profit centers, internal orders or business processes. SAP statistical key figures are also used for analysis purposes like calculation of rent cost per each employee of a company.

What is the difference between a characteristic and a value?

Values represent the outward manifestation of character. Our values are perceivable for others, and through them so is our character. Values and character define your personality and leadership style. By understanding your character and values, you also understand why you act and behave as you do.

What is the difference between calculated key figure and restricted key figure?

A Restricted Key figure is defined as the key figure which can be restricted with the Characteristics. A Calculated Key figure is defined as the key figure which is calculated using other key figures based on some formula. A calculated key figure is global to all the queries in the InfoProvider.

How many key figures are available in a query?

Whenever we talk about SAP Key Figures, we should know that there are three different types of Key Figures: Basic Key Figures. Restricted Key Figures. Calculated Key Figures.

What is key figures and characteristics?

Define an amount to be reported. In the simplest case, a key figure corresponds to a numeric value field in a database table, for example, a payment amount or a nominal value. This is also called the basic key figure.

What are statistical figures?

statistics, the science of collecting, analyzing, presenting, and interpreting data. Data are the facts and figures that are collected, analyzed, and summarized for presentation and interpretation. Data may be classified as either quantitative or qualitative.

What are the types of statistical figures?

Statistics have majorly categorised into two types:

  • Descriptive statistics.
  • Inferential statistics.

What is another word for key figure?

What is another word for key player?

hero lead
leading player superhero
principal player
figure diva
leading performer leading actress

How to create infoobjects with key figures in SAP bi/BW?

How To Create InfoObjects With Key Figures in SAP BI/BW Go to RSA1 -> Modeling ->Infoobjects Right click on the Infoarea -> Click on Create Infoobject catalog for Key Figures. Activate the Keyfigure Infoobject Catalog.

What are the key figures properties in SAP?

SAP key figures properties are used to configure various settings for a selected key figure. They enable us to determine how the key figure works and how it is displayed in a query result (report). Here, we will look at different properties for key figure query elements.

How do I display or hide key figures in SAP?

The following SAP key figures properties are available on the Display tab. Hide key figures is useful when you only need to calculate formulas and do not want to display in the report. Select “Hide (Can Be Shown)”, so that users can select the key figure in the navigation controls to display the key figure in the report.

How to create a global calculated key figure?

To create a Global Calculated Key Figure, go to the left-hand side of Query Designer screen. Step 1: Select Key Figures, then right click and select New Calculated Key Figure. After clicking this option, the system will create a new formula and you should click Edit button on right-hand side.

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