What are honeycomb panels used for?

What are honeycomb panels used for?

Plascore Honeycomb Panels provide a flat, stiff, stable structure for use in building as a backing material to metal, glass, stone, and other decorative surfaces. Uses include wall cladding, ceilings, canopies, and elevator interiors.

What is honeycomb core material?

Honeycomb cores. Honeycomb cores range from paper and card for low strength and stiffness, low load applications (such as domestic internal doors) to high strength and stiffness, extremely lightweight components for aircraft structures.

What is a honeycomb sandwich panel?

Honeycomb core sandwich panel is formed by adhering two high-rigidity thin-face sheets with a low-density honeycomb core possessing less strength and stiffness. Such rigidities are called the transverse shear stiffness of the honeycomb core.

Where is honeycomb structure used?

Honeycomb composites are used widely in many industries, from aerospace industries, automotive and furniture to packaging and logistics. The material takes its name from its visual resemblance to a bee’s honeycomb – a hexagonal sheet structure.

What is aramid honeycomb core?

Standard Cell Aramid Honeycomb is a lightweight, high strength, nonmetallic honeycomb core material manufactured from aramid fiber paper. After the honeycomb is formed, it is coated with a heat resistant phenolic resin to increase its strength and thermal properties.

What is a honeycomb core door?

Our honeycomb core flush doors are manufactured with a high density cellular core. This ensures the door is structurally stable while remaining a light weight and functional option for your home.

How are honeycomb cores made?

Today honeycomb cores are manufactured via the expansion process and the corrugation process from composite materials such as glass-reinforced plastic (also known as fiberglass), carbon fiber reinforced plastic, Nomex aramide paper reinforced plastic, or from a metal (usually aluminum).

What type of structure is honeycomb?

A honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal prismatic wax cells built by honey bees in their nests to contain their larvae and stores of honey and pollen.

What are the uses of honeycomb panels?

Marine industry. Aluminium sandwich structures are being used to drastically reduce the weight of boats above the waterline,with the light-weight and non-combustible properties of honeycomb core panels perfect for

  • Aviation industry.
  • Trucks,buses and trains.
  • Elevators.
  • Clean rooms.
  • What is anodized aluminum honeycomb panels?

    – Anozided aluminum honeycomb panel is a kind of new, morden and beautiful building materials. Anodizing process is different from ordinary aluminum painting process. – Safe, energy saving, recyclable. The anodized protective film is a kind of inorganic substance without any harmful articles. – Easy to clean and maintain.

    What are PP honeycomb panels used for?


  • Application. PP Honeycomb core is used to create rigid structural panels in the truck body building,RV and bus building industries.
  • Stock Availability. Lavender Composites stocks both 15mm and 20mm thicknesses in various sheet sizes.
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • What are aluminium composite core panels?

    Aluminum composite panels are thin sandwich-type panels in which a non-aluminum core is bonded between two aluminum sheets, which can be used as exterior claddings on multi-level buildings because of their lightweight and sturdiness.


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