What are IIR filters?

What are IIR filters?

The type of digital filter that is designed to generate infinite impulse response of a dynamic system is known as the IIR filter. As an internal feedback mechanism is present in these filters thus the filter operates for an indefinite period of time. IIR filters are used by the systems that generate an infinite response.

What are FIR filters?

A type of digital filter that generates a finite impulse response of a dynamic system is known as FIR filters. More simply, we can say, here the impulse response provided by the filter is of finite duration. In FIR filters the response gets fixed to zero in a finite period of time thus it is named so.

What is the general equation for a FIR filter?

The generalized equation for FIR filter is given as: :N is the length of the filter. FIR filters are used with systems having 0 response. Definition of IIR filter

How are IIR filters applied to signals in MATLAB?

IIR filters are applied to signals using Equation 8.22 where x is the signal and a and b are the coefficients that define the filter. While it would not be difficult to write a routine to implement this equation, it is unnecessary as the MATLAB filter routine works for IIR filters as well:

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