What are LH joists?

What are LH joists?

LH- and DLH-Series Longspan (LH) and Deep Longspan (DLH) Steel Joists are relatively light weight shop-manufactured steel trusses used in the direct support of floor or roof slabs or decks between walls, beams, and main structural members.

How deep is a 30K10 joist?

K-Series Joist Data

Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 8.9 10.5
30K7 30K10
Depth (in.) 30 30
Approx. Wt. (lbs.) 9.6 11.9

How far apart can steel joists be?

Spacing of Lightweight Steel Bar Joists An important design difference between a wood joist and a steel bar joist and a C-beam roof support system is the spacing of joists. Open-web steel bar joists can be spaced up to eight feet apart, depending on the size of the steel used and the roof load.

What is the difference between a beam and a joist?

Joists are typically smaller beams that run across an open space, typically arranged in parallel series to support a floor or a ceiling. While both terms are often used interchangeably, beams are the main load-bearing structural element of a roof and joists usually span between two beams.

How much do bar joist cost?

Bar joist are $24.00 per foot on sizes of 10′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ feet. 30′ feet is available for $27.00 per foot.

What is the KCS joist?

The KCS Joist is a K-Series Joist which is provided to address the problem faced by specifying professionals when trying to select joists to support uniform plus concentrated loads or other non-uniform loads.

What are the different types of K-Series Joists?

Two standard types of K-Series Joists are designed and manufactured. These types are underslung (top chord bearing) or square-ended (bottom chord bearing), with parallel chords. STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR OPEN WEB STEEL JOISTS, K-SERIES SECTION 1. 222222 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR OPEN WEB STEEL JOISTS, K-SERIES

What is the load table for floor joists?

This load table applies to joists with either parallel chords or standard pitched top chords. When top chords are pitched, the carrying capacities are determined by the nominal depth of the joists at the center of the span. Standard top chord pitch is 1/8 inch per foot. If pitch exceeds this standard, the load table does not apply.

What is the maximum capacity of a KK joist substitute?

K Series have been standardized as 2.5 inch (64 mm) deep sections for spans up through 10’-0” (3048 mm). The maximum total safe uniformly distributed load-carrying capacity of a Joist Substitute is 550 plf (8.02 kN/m) in ASD or 825 plf (12.03 kN/m) in LRFD. The Joist Substitutes, K

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