What are packaging codes?

What are packaging codes?

UN packaging codes are strings of letters and numbers located on hazardous materials packaging that provide information on several key aspects of the chemicals inside. Their purpose is twofold: They ensure that the people involved in shipping the materials are following regulations.

What is IMDG packing code?

IMDG Code is the mandatory regulations for carriage of dangerous goods and marine pollutants in packaged form. However, certain dangerous goods are permitted for transport without package due its size and shape they may not be able to be packed and without package they are safe for transport.

What is UN approved packaging?

UN approved packaging is a destination for packaging that has been built, tested, and certified to carry liquid or solid dangerous materials. This is a unified means to ensure dangerous materials are transported safely.

What are the three packing groups?

Packing group I: substances presenting high danger; Packing group II: substances presenting medium danger; and. Packing group III: substances presenting low danger.

What is class 7 of the IMDG Code?

Radioactive Material
Dangerous Goods which are classed as Radioactive Material are defined by the dangerous goods regulations as any material containing radionuclides where both the activity concentration and the total activity exceeds certain pre-defined values.

What are the 3 types of ships subject to the IMDG Code?

Know the cargo groups IMDG cargoes are divided into three main groups and each has a specific plan to store, transport and handling in case of accident or spill: Group 1: Cargo which are extremely dangerous. Group 2: Cargo with moderate danger. Group 3: Cargo with less danger.

How do you read UN packaging?

The UN in the circle indicates packaging has been UN tested and certified. The UN symbol can either be included with a lowercase “u” over a lowercase “n” in a circle or as an uppercase “UN”.

What is a UN label?

UN Labels are used to alert people to hazardous materials and substances during transportation. These UN identification details have universal application and are four digit numbers assigned to hazardous substances by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

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