What are stretches for pectorals?

What are stretches for pectorals?

Doorway Pectoral Stretch (Flexibility)

  1. Stand in an open doorway. Raise each arm up to the side, bent at 90-degree angles with palms forward.
  2. Slowly step forward with one foot. Feel the stretch in your shoulders and chest.
  3. Hold for 30 seconds. Step back and relax.
  4. Repeat 3 times, or as instructed.

How do you loosen tight chest muscles?

5 Stretches to Loosen Tight Chest Muscles

  1. Floor Chest Roll. Lie on the floor with a large foam roller under your shoulder blades, perpendicular to your body.
  2. Doorway Roll. Stand facing a wall to the right of a doorway.
  3. Doorway Stretch.
  4. Ball Stretch.
  5. Corner Stretch.

How can I stretch my pec muscles without doing static stretches?

Instead of doing a static stretch, try this dynamic drill with a broomstick or dowel. It opens your pec major (the bigger chest muscle) and the pec minor (the smaller, harder-to-stretch chest muscle). The move: Get into a “split stance” with your left leg ahead of the right.

What are some static and dynamic chest stretches?

Static and Dynamic Chest Stretches To Improve Your Chest Workout 1 1) The chest opener. You’ll help to pull and reset muscle bers that may have developed small knots. 2 2) Hold on tight. This will open your shoulders and chest up to help you lower… 3 3) Stretch builder. While you may not be directly training your triceps,…

What is the best stretch for pectoral muscles?

Stretches for the Pectoral Muscles 1 Wall Stretch. 2 Elbow Wrap Stretch. 3 Back Bend Stretch. 4 Lying Chest Stretch. 5 Standing Chest Expansion. 6 Stability Ball Stretch.

How can I strengthen my PECS?

Breathe Easier: Because the pecs are attached to the ribs, strengthening and stretching them through exercise can enhance your breathing. If you want to stimulate the upper chest, you’ll need to be mindful of certain training variables. Two areas that you can tweak to stimulate the upper chest more relate to your body positioning.

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