What are the 2 Dr Quinn movies?

What are the 2 Dr Quinn movies?

The two TV-movies were released separately, the first was entitled Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – The Movie and the second was entitled Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – The Heart Within.

Why was Doctor Quinn Cancelled?

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman debuted in 1993 and ran for six seasons on CBS. The series was cancelled in 1998 due to production costs, aging viewers, and sagging ratings. To mollify loyal viewers, a made-for-TV-movie was produced and aired in May 1999.

How many Dr Quinn movies are there?

DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES brings together all six critically acclaimed seasons and two feature-length movies of this groundbreaking historical drama.

Was there a Dr Quinn Medicine Woman movie?

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie (TV Movie 1999) – IMDb.

Why was Erika Flores replaced on Dr Quinn?

When it did get picked up, many actors were unable to commit to the grueling schedule and were replaced. Most notably, child star Erika Flores left her role as Colleen Cooper after two seasons after producers refused a raise. She was replaced with Jessica Bowman.

How old is Sully from Dr Quinn?

Byron Sully

Race: White
Occupation: Miner (former) Indian Agent (former) Conservationist Surveyor
Born: 1834 (possibly)
Age: 33-39
Wife: Dr. Michaela Quinn Abagail Sully †

Did Matthew and Ingrid get married?

Married to Matthew before she died….Ingrid.

Husband: Matthew Cooper (Fiancé)
Parents: Father †
Other family: Jon (brother) Several Sisters
Production Details
Actor: Ashley Jones (Epidemic) Jennifer Youngs

Who played no harm on Dr Quinn?

Sean Price McConnell
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Series 1993–1998) – Sean Price McConnell as No Harm Comes To Him – IMDb.

Is there a ‘Dr Quinn Medicine Woman’ reunion?

It’s a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reunion! Twenty-two years after the series finale aired, the cast of the beloved family western drama reunited virtually. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

Who are the actors in the TV show Dr Quinn?

The cast of the CBS drama ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ – Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn), Joe Lando (Byron Sully), William Shockley (Hank Lawson), Chad Allen (Matthew Cooper), Shawn Toovey (Brian Cooper

When did the movie Dr Quinn Medicine Woman come out?

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie (1999) 1h 26min | Drama, Western | TV Movie 22 May 1999. When Dr. Mike and Sully’s daughter Katie is kidnapped, they and a group of townsfolk travel to Mexico to rescue her.

When did Dr Quinn start and end?

Dr. Quinn ran from 1993 to 1998 on Saturdays and was the last successful Western to air on broadcast TV. For those who don’t remember Dr. Quinn, the series kicked off in 1867 and centered on Michaela Quinn (Seymour), a doctor who moves to Colorado Springs to set up a practice.

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