What are the apparatus used in physics?

What are the apparatus used in physics?

Physics – Major Instruments and Their Uses

Instrument Use
Ammeter Measures electric current in ampere
Anemometer Measures wind speed
Barometer Measures atmospheric pressure
Bolometer Measures radiant energy

What are uses of instrument?

Instrument and their Uses

Sr.No. Instrument name Use of the Instrument
8 Barometer To measure atmospheric pressure
9 Binocular To view distant objects
10 Bolometer To measure infrared or heat radiation
11 Biometer To measure carbon dioxide produced by living bodies

What is the egg apparatus?

Egg apparatus is a group of three cells in the seven celled embryo sac of an angiosperm. It consists of the egg cell and two associated cells called synergids. Egg apparatus is located at the end of the embryo sac closer to the micropyle.

What’s a apparatus in science?

Apparatus means: the things or equipment that are needed to carry out an experiment. It can also mean the equipment needed to perform a particular task or activity.

What are the different types of lab apparatus?

Funnels are yet another essential kind of lab apparatus. They are used to deliver substances into vessels with small openings. There are several types, each with a different function, such as filter, thistle, and dropping funnels. B├╝chner and Hirsch funnels are good examples of organic chemistry lab equipment.

What are laboratory apparatus used for?

Laboratory apparatus is used to carry out scientific experiments, and they range from simple to complex depending on the uses. While different types of laboratories need different types of apparatus, some are common for all.

What are the different apparatus used in chemical analysis?

Most of these apparatus are used in the analysis of various matters and compounds. Examples of such instruments are Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), balances, calorimeter, colourimeter, conductivity meters, and many more.

Which apparatus is used to measure the mass of objects?

Spring scales It is another laboratory apparatus used to measure the mass of objects. Unlike beam balances, spring scales do not measure the material against another mass. Instead, it measures the distance when the material gets displaced due to its weight.

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