What are the characteristics of farming system?

What are the characteristics of farming system?

It is considered by some as integrated, low input and highly productive farming system….Difference between Sustainable and Modern Agriculture:

Particulars Sustainable agriculture Modern agriculture
Quality of food material Food material are safe Food material contain toxic residue.

What are the characteristics of Nigeria agriculture?

Nigerian agriculture is mostly dependent on natural rainfall. So, Nigeria agriculture is at the mercy of natural weather conditions. Rainfall may be too much leading to flooding of farmland and in some years, rainfall may be too small to sustain the crops leading to drought.

What are the things needed for farming?


  • 1 Tractor and power.
  • 2 Soil cultivation.
  • 3 Planting.
  • 4 Fertilizers and pesticides dispenser.
  • 5 Irrigation.
  • 6 Produce sorter.
  • 7 Harvesting / post-harvest processing. 7.1 Hand harvesting.
  • 8 Hay making. 8.1 Hand hay tool.

What are the examples of farming system?

Urban Agriculture

Farming systems Product
Agroforestry Fuel, fruits and nuts, compost, building material
Mycoculture Mushrooms, compost
Vermaculture Compost, worms for animal and fish feed
Sericulture Silk

What is meant by farming system?

A farming system is defined as a population of individual farm systems that have broadly similar resource bases, enterprise patterns, household livelihoods and constraints, and for which similar development strategies and interventions would be appropriate.

What are the principles of farming system?

These farming systems will be based on three technical principles:

  • simultaneous achievement of increased agricultural productivity and enhancement of natural capital and ecosystem services;
  • higher rates of efficiency in the use of key inputs, including water, nutrients, pesticides, energy, land and labour;

What is farming system in agriculture?

Farming system is an integrated set of activities that farmers perform in their farms under their resources and circumstances to maximize the productivity and net farm income on a sustainable basis. Depending on the type of farming e.g Arable/Pastoral, Commercial/Subsistence, the inputs, process and output will vary.

What is farming system in Nigeria?

Farming systems in Nigeria involve diverse cropping systems, including intercropping, which entails growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field. It is common among subsistence farmers who practice low- input agriculture and those who lack adequate farm hands.

What are possible tools materials and equipment when you are going to farm?

Necessary Farming Tools and Equipment for a Farmer

  • Tractor. This is one of the most important.
  • Sprayers. These are essential for spraying crops with pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • Irrigation Systems. Many areas don’t get constant rainfall.
  • Harvester Or Combines.
  • Manure Spreader.
  • Cultivators.
  • Ploughs.
  • Transplanter.

What are the types of farming system in Nigeria?

The major ones are:

  • Maize Mixed Farming System.
  • Irrigated Farming System.
  • Rice-Tree Crop Farming System.
  • Root Crop Farming System.
  • Pastoral Farming System.
  • Large Commercial and Smallholder Farming System.
  • Highland Perennial Farming System.

What are the system of agriculture in Nigeria?

Agriculture is broadly divided into four sectors in Nigeria–crop production, fishing, livestock and forestry. Crop production remains the largest segment and it accounts for about 87.6% of the sector’s total output. This is followed by livestock, fishing and forestry at 8.1%, 3.2% and 1.1% respectively.

What is the future of farming in Nigeria?

Despite the excellent potential for growth and development, this type of farming is undergoing a decline. This is facilitated by two main factors: The most generalized farming system in Nigeria is integrated crop-livestock. It is considered that this system might receive a real boost in next few years.

What is the most generalized farming system in Nigeria?

The most generalized farming system in Nigeria is integrated crop-livestock. It is considered that this system might receive a real boost in next few years. The main problem in achieving the growth of agricultural productivity in Africa is the diversity of agroecological conditions and agrotechnical backwardness of farms.

What are the components of farming?

The farming system takes into account the components of soil, water, crops, livestock, labour, capital, energy and other resources, with the farm family at the centre managing agriculture and related activities.

What are the two types of farming in Africa?

This system of farming comprises 2 different types of farms: large-scale commercialized farming, and scattered small-holder farming. Both of these types of farms are mostly mixed cereal-livestock systems, with maize being dominant in the north and east, then millet and sorghum in the west.

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