What are the characteristics of grammar translation method?

What are the characteristics of grammar translation method?

The following are the six characteristics of the Grammar Translation Method:

  • Focuses on Reading and Writing.
  • Uses Vocabulary Words.
  • Uses the Sentence as the Basic Unit of Teaching.
  • Adopts a Deductive Approach.
  • New Terms are Explained in the Native Language.
  • Emphasizes Accuracy.

What is the objective of grammar translation method?

The method has two main goals: to enable students to read and translate literature written in the source language, and to further students’ general intellectual development.

What is grammar translation method and direct method?

In grammar translation method, the teacher uses the mother tongue to teach the students. Mother tongue is the medium of instruction. The teacher uses mother tongue to explain the meaning of words, sentences and phrases while teaching. But in DM, there is no use of mother tongue.

What is the strength of Grammar Translation Method?

It helps teacher much to clear the meaning of a word and sentence to the students easily by translating them in to the mother tongue. 4. The students understand the things very easily if taught using this method.

What are the skills that are most focused in Grammar Translation Method?

This method involves very little spoken communication and listening comprehension. The primary skills to be improved are reading and writing skills.

What is the characteristics of direct method?

Characteristic features of the direct method are:

  • teaching concepts and vocabulary through pantomiming, real-life objects and other visual materials.
  • teaching grammar by using an inductive approach (i.e. having learners find out rules through the presentation of adequate linguistic forms in the target language)

Who are the main exponents of grammar translation method?

Proposed by Prof. Karl Plotz (1819-1881), GTM is one of the oldest teaching methods in SLA. The strategies were based on learning the strict rules of grammar of the target language, to compare the syntax of the native and target language, and to extract specific sentences or paragraphs to be translated back and forth.

Who are the main exponents of grammar-translation method?

What are the criticisms of grammar-translation method?

Critics point out that the method typically creates a teacher-centric classroom, with no opportunity for speaking practice. Okay, often true. And that learning tedious grammar rules and long lists of vocabulary does not prepare students to communicate in real-world situations.

Characteristics of Grammar Translation Method The major focus is on reading and writing with little or no systematic attention to listening and speaking. Vocabulary words are chosen from the reading text used. The basic unit of teaching and language practice is the sentence. Deductive method is used in grammar.

How does grammar affect accuracy in translation?

Ability to accurately translate texts was associated with the ability to learn the grammatical system of the target language. The grammar-translation method viewed the study of a language as the memorization of rules to be able to manipulate its morphological and syntactical system.

What is the translation method of teaching English?

Grammar Translation Method mainly a teacher-centred method that’s why learners get less opportunity to interact with the teachers. The students are not offered to produce their own sentences in the classroom. They get less opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Which method of teaching grammar is used in grammar?

Deductive method is used in grammar. Rules are presented and studied. Then, students will practice through translation exercises. New grammatical or vocabulary items in the target language are explained in students’ native language in order to have a comparison between the target language and the students’ native language.

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