What are the different levels of SRAM MTB components?

What are the different levels of SRAM MTB components?

Here’s a guide to each of SRAM’s individual groupsets within their extensive MTB hierarchy.

  • SRAM X5. An entry-level model in SRAM’s drivetrain selection, X5 is by no means one to ignore.
  • SRAM X7.
  • SRAM X9.
  • SRAM NX.
  • SRAM GX.
  • SRAM X0.
  • SRAM X01.
  • SRAM XX.

What is the hierarchy of SRAM groupsets?

The SRAM Road Groupset Hierarchy There are just four main subdivisions: Apex is its entry-level system, followed by the mid-range Rival, and topped by the performance-level Force and pro-standard Red.

What is better SRAM GX or NX?

The NX groupset is a bit more of a budget-minded groupset, offering a crazy price-to-performance ratio. SRAM’s GX groupset is focused more on higher-end customers who are looking to pay more to save some weight on their bike, and they also offer a bit more performance than the budget-oriented NX groupset.

What is the difference between SRAM NX and NX Eagle?

The hard facts: weights and prices Compared to the SRAM GX Eagle, the NX is 185 g heavier, with the chain and derailleur making the biggest weight difference. Compared to an X01 Eagle, the NX Eagle gains a whole 438 g, which is quite understandable with a price difference of € 900.

Which is better X01 or XX1?

In total, there is a difference of 48 grams between XX1 and X01. They are functionally identical, but if you’re really counting grams go for XX1. Otherwise, our recommendation is just to pick whichever one matches your bike better!

What is the top of the line SRAM groupset?

RED eTap AXS – The RED eTap AXS is a more refined version of the RED eTap that was launched way back in 2015. The RED eTap AXS is the top-of-the-line 12-speed road groupset by SRAM that is also SRAM’s first 12-speed road groupset.

What is SRAM NX equivalent to in Shimano?

From a price perspective, NX is roughly comparable to Shimano’s SLX, sitting one up from the bottom in the hierarchy. A full SLX groupset retails for £398.94 / $394.94 / AU$734 compared to NX’s slightly lower price of £365 / $375 / AU$563 / €410.

What is the difference between SRAM X1 and X01?

X01 is one price bracket more expensive than X1, its very similar to XX1 in terms of tech but the focus here is on durability rather than weight-conscious riders. As a result, it’s heavier but perhaps sturdier.

What is the difference between SRAM X01 and XX1?

XX1 is for the weight weenie, cross country racer, or light trail rider. It’s for someone who is looking to shave grams, which comes at the cost of not being quite as durable. SRAM X01 is made to take more of a beating. With more alloy parts, X01 is made for the heavy trail rider or enduro racer.

What is the best entry level mountain bike?

Another one of the best entry level mountain bike choices available is the Schwinn Protocol 1.0. Designed specifically for men, this bike incorporates a wide selection of high-quality parts in its construction. One of the things that we like most about this particular bike is the combined brake system.

What are the best mountain bikes?

Giant. In 1972 Giant was founded with one particular goal in mind: to make the riding experience better for people all around the world.

  • Trek. Offering their line of mountain bikes in thirty countries,Trek has become a household name in the mountain biking community.
  • Santa Cruz.
  • Specialized.
  • Cannondale.
  • Scott.
  • Orange.
  • Yeti.
  • Kona.
  • GT.
  • What are the best bicycle brands?

    Trek Bicycle Corporation

  • Specialized Bicycle Components
  • Giant Bicycles
  • Cannondale Bicycle Corporation
  • SCOTT Sports
  • Trinx
  • Scott
  • Santa Cruz
  • Bianchi Bicycles
  • CUBE Bikes
  • What is the lightest road bike frame?

    For lightest road bikes’ frames, Titanium, referred to as “ti” has been one of the lightest, longest lasting but most expensive frame materials. It competes with aluminum in weight, and it is generally as comfortable as steel.

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