What are the key elements of a network management system?

What are the key elements of a network management system?

We discuss the five key components of a network management architecture: (1) a network manager, (2) a set of managed remote devices, (3) management information bases (MIBs), (4) remote agents that report MIB information and take action under the control of the network manager, and (5) a protocol for communicating …

What are the two main components of a NMS?

The Three Components of Network Management

  • Metrics. Metrics let you monitor a computer’s total uptime for some period of time and then be able to report on that uptime.
  • Monitoring.
  • Systems Management.

What is the architecture of a network management system?

The architecture consists of two key elements: a managing device, called a management station, or a manager and the managed devices, called management agents or simply an agent. A management station serves as the interface between the human network manager and the network management system.

What are the basic features of a network management platform?

Network Management Platform • Basic features for any platform to include are: – Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Network Map – Database Management System (DBMS) – Standard Method to Query Devices – Customizable Menu System – Event Log 35.

What is a typical enterprise network infrastructure?

A typical enterprise uses a variety of network infrastructure and service elements managed by element-specific network management systems. Information on specific management systems for technologies such as voice, security, and wireless are provided in the relevant chapters in this book. The following sections discuss SNMP, MIB, and RMON in detail.

What are the advantages of layers in network management?

Hierarchical Approach to Network Management Layering of network management not only allows NMS systems to communicate better, it reduces the amount of alerts seen by network operations support staff. At the lowest layer, it is nearly impossible to keep up with events displayed from each network element reported in the NMS architecture.

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