What are the names of the BBC news readers?

What are the names of the BBC news readers?

BBC News Channel

Presenter Programme(s)
Annita McVeigh BBC News, BBC World News
Maryam Moshiri BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers
Ben Mundy BBC News, BBC World News
Clive Myrie BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers, BBC News with Katty and Christian

How tall is Alex Lovell?

5′ 4″Alex Lovell / Height

How old is David on points west?

Describing finding out he had legionnaires’ disease as a shock, the 63-year-old said: “It turned out that I was incubating this rather nasty disease.

What has happened to David Garmston?

B BC presenter David Garmston has spoken of his battle with legionnaires’ disease – which he caught while on holiday in Majorca. Speaking about his ordeal with the Bristol Live, the presenter said he’d felt fine while holidaying on the Spanish island in August but started to feel unwell when he came back.

Who is Alex Lovell husband?

Gavin ShorterAlex Lovell / Husband (m. 2008)

What school did Annita McVeigh go to?

Queen’s University BelfastAnnita McVeigh / Education (1991)

Who were the first newsreaders on BBC?

Robert Dougall – one of the first BBC Television newsreaders along with Richard Baker and Kenneth Kendall. Later a presenter of programmes for people in retirement. He died in 1999. Alan Douglas – main presenter and correspondent on Reporting Scotland from 1978 to 1996. He left to join Scottish Television.

Are any of the BBC newsreaders married?

Alice Arnold – newsreader, mainly on BBC Radio 4 from 2004 to 2012. She is married to sports presenter Clare Balding. Michael Aspel – one of the early BBC Television newsreaders, together with Robert Dougall, Richard Baker and Kenneth Kendall.

Who are the ex-BBC journalists who worked on Panorama?

David Lomax – joined the BBC as a reporter on Nationwide and was later a long-serving reporter on Panorama during subsequent decades. He died in 2014. Chris Lowe – joined the BBC as a graduate journalism trainee in 1972.

What happened to Rachael Bland?

Rachael Bland – originally worked as a presenter on BBC Radio Wiltshire, before moving to BBC Radio 5 Live and to the BBC News Channel, where she worked as a relief and weekend presenter. In 2011, she became a main presenter on BBC North West Tonight, while continuing to work on Radio 5 Live.

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