What are the subjects in Bhmct?

What are the subjects in Bhmct?

BHMCT Syllabus

Name of the course Topics covered
Front Office Operations Room tariffs, telephone etiquettes, etc.
Catering Science Hygiene, food microbiology, protecting food, personal hygiene, etc.
Communication Fundamentals The communication process, communication barriers, listening, etc.

Which is better BHM or Bhmct?

But the purview of BHMCT has better preference and far reach over BHM….Difference between BHM and BHMCT.

Course Name BHM BHMCT
Avg. Package Rs. 2-4 lpa Rs. 3 lpa
Admission Process Entrance Exams like UGAT conducted by AIMA( All India Management Association) Entrance Exam + Counselling and Personal Interview

Is Bhmct a degree?

A. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) is an undergraduate degree programme in the hospitality and travel stream. BHMCT is of four years duration and it equips aspirants with intellectual and leadership skills in order to perform the tasks allocated to them in the hospitality sector.

What is the syllabus of BHM?

Course Duration: Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM] is 3 Years….Semester Wise BHM Syllabus.

Semester I Semester II
Foundation Course in Accommodation Operations I Foundation Course in Accommodation Operations II
Application of Computers Nutrition
Hotel Engineering Accountancy
Principles of Food Science Communication

Which course is best after Bhmct?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is surely one of the top choices of postgraduation courses in India. Because an MBA can be pursued after any stream of graduation, candidates from almost all streams of education whether it is engineering, science or arts can be found pursuing MBA courses in India.

Is Bhmct a good course?

The course serves best to the students who have always been fascinated by tourism, travel, food, and hospitality. Students can enjoy good career opportunities and salary packages after BHMCT.

Is Bhmct is good for career?

Career Prospects and Job Scope for BHMCT The scope of BHMCT graduates getting a rewarding and fulfilling career is very high. The education that the graduates get during their education helps them get the best career options after BHMCT graduation.

Which is better BSc or Bhmct?

Bsc. Hotel management is traditional graduation, not a full pledged hotel management course. But BHM is full pledged course and it is specially designed for hotel management. Of course BHM has a better scope as after doing it you can work in service industry, tourism sector and even airlines.

Which one is better Bhmct or BBA?

BHM on one hand will lead you to jobs in hotels, cruise, restaurants, airlines etc. Where you can start your career once you are a graduate. BBA on the other hand opens a lot of doors for you once you graduate. The kind of growth that is seen here is remarkable.

What is Ipu CET BHMCT?

IPU CET BHMCT exam will be conducted in an online mode to offer admissions to students in the Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) programme which is of 4 years duration. IPU CET will soon be conducted, the dates for which will soon be declared by GGSIPU.

What is the syllabus of BHMCT?

BHMCT syllabus includes subjects in the areas of Food Production, Housekeeping Operations, Catering Services, Communication Fundamentals, Accommodation Operations, Basic Accounting, Principles of Management, and also travel & tourism. The eligible candidates who want to apply for this course should have passed Class XII from a recognized board.

How to effectively prepare for BHMCT exam?

After completing the preparation from the IPU CET syllabus, students should practice the BHMCT sample paper to effectively prepare for the exam. The sample paper will help them know the topics from which the maximum number of questions are asked. Also, practising the sample paper increases students’ confidence level and accuracy.

What is the total number of credits of the BHMCT programme?

MAXIMUM & MINIMUM CREDITS OF THE PROGRAM The total number of the credits of the BHMCT Programme is 200credits. Each student shall be required to appear for examination in all courses. However, for the award of the degree a student should secure at least 190credits and he or she has successfully completed the courses on:

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