What are the themes in Tartuffe?

What are the themes in Tartuffe?

The main theme of Tartuffe is hypocrisy—pretending to be something one is not or claiming to believe something one does not. Some characters in the play are knowingly hypocrites—Tartuffe, the invisible Laurent, and Monsieur Loyal. Other characters—such as Orgon and his mother—do not recognize their own hypocrisy.

Who is the antagonist in Tartuffe?

Orgon praises Tartuffe for looking over his family when in reality Tartuffe wasn’t looking out for the family; he was trying to seduce Elmire. Antagonist is the person who is opposed to, struggles against, or competes with the protagonist. In Tartuffe the antagonist was Tartuffe himself.

Did Moliere ever act in his own plays?

Even after Molière became a successful and rather wealthy playwright because of his shrewd business ability, he continued acting in his own plays.

What does Monsieur Loyal do in Act 5?

When Loyal greets Orgon kindly, Orgon takes this as a sign of good will, and hopes Tartuffe is willing to compromise. Instead, Loyal serves him with a writ, a written court document, calling for the eviction of Orgon and Co. from their own home.

What role does Dorine play in Tartuffe?

Dorine is a stock character found in many of Molière’s comedies and, in fact, has become a type found in comedies of all periods. She is the wise servant who sees through all pretense, and while being the inferior, in terms of social position, she is the superior in any contest of wits.

What does Orgon overhear to make him change his mind about Tartuffe?

When Orgon changes his mind about letting Mariana marry Valere and orders her to marry Tartuffe. She convinced him to hide under the table as she plays along with Tartuffe and seduces him.

Who is Valere?

Valère is a nice guy who very nearly finishes last. Sure, he and Mariane have a little lovers’ spat, but there’s not much else wrong with him as far as we can tell. He’s simply a victim of circumstance, circumstance in this case meaning Tartuffe’s trickery.

Who is Monsieur Loyal?

Monsieur Loyal is a bearer of bad news and a lackey for Tartuffe. Which makes sense: he’s just as much of a hypocrite as his master. After serving Orgon with an eviction notice on behalf of “the good Monsieur Tartuffe,” he claims to “love all men of upright character” (5.4.

Why is Madame Pernelle leaving the household?

Why is Madame Pernelle leaving the household? Because she is upset that no one listens to her , She thinks that the family behaves badly. Prior to Scenne IV, a difference of opinion pits Madame P against the rest of Orgon’s family.

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