What are Victaulic connections?

What are Victaulic connections?

The Victaulic Aquamine line of reusable PVC products is the fastest, easiest and most economical method for joining PVC pipe for water services. Ideal for water supply, water bypass, dewatering lines and other water services these products can easily be reused and redeployed as needed.

What is FireLock Victaulic?

FireLock full-flow elbows and tees feature CAD-developed, hydrodynamic design, affording a shorter center-to-end dimension than standard fittings. Noticeable bulge allows the water to make a smoother turn to maintain similar flow characteristics as standard full flow fittings.

Is Victaulic grooved?

grooved pipe The Victaulic grooved piping system is the most versatile, economical and reliable piping system available. It is up to three times faster to install than welding, easier and more reliable than threading or flanging, resulting in lowest total installed cost.

Where are Victaulic fittings made?

Easton, Pennsylvania
Victaulic is headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, with manufacturing and support centers located throughout the world, including sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Poland, Dubai, China, Australia and India. > Victaulic currently has 13 manufacturing facilities and 30 branches worldwide. >

What are Victaulic couplings made of?

with Victaulic W07 or W77 couplings and W741 flange adapter. Fittings shall be manufactured of ductile iron conforming to ASTM A-536, forged carbon steel conforming to ASTM A-234, or factory fabricated from carbon steel pipe conforming to ASTM A-53.

How much pressure can a Victaulic fitting hold?

The Style 107H provides rigidity with its angled bolt pad design and accommodates pressures ranging from full vacuum (29.9 in Hg/760 mm Hg) up to 750 psi/5170 kPa.

Can you roll groove schedule 80 pipe?

Roll grooving can be used on Schedule 5 through ANSI standard wall thickness carbon steel and stainless steel, copper, and aluminum pipe or tubing, and up to schedule 80 PVC plastic pipe. Roll-grooved systems range in diameter from 3/4-in. to 60 in. in some materials.

Can you weld Victaulic fittings?

Victaulic grooved mechanical pipe couplings, fittings, valves and other grooved components may be used as an option to welding, threading or flanged methods.

What is the pressure rating for Victaulic fittings?

Maximum Working Pressure • Accommodates pressures ranging from full vacuum (29.9 in Hg/760 mm Hg) up to 1000 psi/6894 kPa. Working pressure dependent on material, wall thickness and size of pipe. Application • Joins standard roll grooved and cut grooved pipe, as well as grooved fittings, valves and accessories.

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