What cars do armed police drive UK?

What cars do armed police drive UK?

Armed Response Vehicle, or ‘Trojans’ respond to spontaneous incidents involving firearms. To enable fast pursuit and arrival times, BMW cars, fitted with state-of-the-art satellite navigation and communications gear are the vehicle of choice for the ARV teams.

Do UK police have Armoured vehicles?

The police forces in the UK use a wide range of operational vehicles including compact cars, powerful estates and armoured police carriers.

When was the first police car in the UK?

1913. One of the earliest recorded police cars makes its debut with the Bedfordshire force. The vehicle, an 11.9 h.p. four-seater, Arrol Johnston car came complete with hood, screen, head lamps, side and tail lamps and cost the force £290 (around £30,000 in todays money).

Do SAS train Ctsfo?

CTSFOs are trained in hostage rescue, rappelling, fast-roping and dynamic entry – including the use of explosives. The numbers of CTSFOs are on the rise and their training makes them more capable of dealing with the sort of scenarios that were previously the sole domain of military special forces such as the SAS.

What does a black police car mean UK?

They are probably VIP transport rather than Police vehicles. These are typically deep blue but can appear black in low light and at night. They are equipped with blue lights so might lead to the mistaken conclusion that they are police vehicles.

Why are some UK police cars black?

When did police begin using cars?

The first police car was a wagon run by electricity fielded on the streets of Akron, Ohio, in 1899. The first operator of the police patrol wagon was Akron Police officer Louis Mueller, Sr. It could reach 16 mph (26 km/h) and travel 30 mi (48 km) before its battery needed to be recharged.

What are Police Interceptors in UK?

Police Interceptors is a British factual programme that profiles the work of elite police units from across the UK. There have to date been 19 series following police units from Essex, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Durham & Cleveland, Cheshire and West Yorkshire.

What kind of car is a 1970 Ford Police Interceptor?

Take for example this 1970 Ford Police Interceptor for sale here on eBay in scenic Bee Spring, Kentucky. The four doors and dog dish hubcaps don’t give you much of a thrill at first glance. However, a closer look reveals that this Ford is actually a former Alabama State Trooper patrol car.

What kind of engine does a Police Interceptor have?

The Crown Victoria was the first car of the Police Interceptor lineup. The first units were released in 1992, with a 4.6-liter Modular V8 engine and either a Ford AOD/AOD-E or a Ford 4R70W, which were both 4-speed automatic transmissions.

What was the first Police Interceptor?

(Tifton Police) The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was the first Police Interceptor, first released in 1992. The Crown Victoria was the first car of the Police Interceptor lineup.

When did the Ford Interceptor motor come out?

The practice at Ford of naming the Police Package motors “Interceptor” motors continued through the 1950’s. The cars were made from 1979 up to 1991 as the Ford LTD Crown Victoria (not an official Crown Victoria, due to it originally just being a name).

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