What cichlids can live with neon tetras?

What cichlids can live with neon tetras?

Examples are Ram cichlids like the Blue Ram and Bolivian Ram and the rainbow kribensis. These smaller SA cichlids are suitable to keep with regular size tetras such as cardinal tetras given that the tank size is sufficient and you add enough rocks, plants or ornaments to break the line of sight.

What can I put in a tank with cichlids?

Some of the best fish to keep with African Cichlids are;

  1. Botia Loaches (Clown Loach)
  2. Red Tail Shark.
  3. Giant Danios.
  4. African Red-eyed Tetra.
  5. Pleco.
  6. Scavenger (Upside-down catfish)
  7. Leopard Bush-fish.

What cichlids can live in a 20 gallon tank?

As for stocking a typical 20 gallon: Already mentioned are the dwarf riverine cichlids like apistos, rams, kribs, and keyholes. In addition, there are some unique cichlids from lake Tanganyika that can do well. Shelldwellers come to mind immediately and are fun fish for small aquariums, as well as Transcriptis.

Can Neons live with cichlids?

Neon tetras are such small, peaceful little guys, they really can’t handle living with bully fish. Avoid any large and/or aggressive fish, like many cichlids.

Can bettas live with neon tetras?

But can neon tetra and betta fish coexist in the same tank peacefully? We have all heard that bettas can be aggressive and attack other fish. The short answer is yes. In the right circumstances, neon tetra and betta fish can be tank mates.

How big do OB zebras get?

Maximum Size: In aquariums OB Zebras can grow to be about 7″ long, including their tails, which makes this strain one of the biggest Mbuna Cichlids.

Can you mix angelfish with cichlids?

Angelfish are a relatively peaceful species so they are best kept with species that have a similar temperament. Even small cichlids like rams, Krib’s cichlids and keyholes can cohabitate peacefully with angelfish. Species to Avoid. There are two things to watch out for when selecting tank mates for your angelfish.

Can bettas live with cichlids?

Although bettas and cichlids have similar requirements when it comes to water temperature, hardness, and pH, they have very different feeding requirements, and their temperaments are incompatible. Because both these types of fish are aggressive and territorial, they cannot be kept in a tank together.

How many African cichlids can I keep in a 20 gallon?

The majority of these micro African cichlid species hail from Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. HOWEVER, please don’t just put in three or four of these beauties and call it a day; 20–30 is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM for maybe 2 fish.

Do neon tetras need tank mates?

But, they are actually small and do not fit the whole aquarium themselves. This is why you need tank mates for the neon tetras. They tend to get along well with a majority of other fish species, and they especially go well with peaceful fish in your tank.

Can neon tetras live with guppies?

Their dietary requirements are the same as the neon tetra, but guppies are easier to take care of. Low-maintenance guppies are the perfect additions for your fish tank with almost any kind of aquarium fish, and this makes the Guppy a top pick for the best tank mates for neon tetras.

What types of gourami are good for neon tetras?

Next on the “great for neon tetras” list is the most peaceful of the gourami species. Honey gourami are one of the few types of gourami that don’t try to bully other fish, and they have excellent coloration to boot.

Is neon tetra a freshwater fish?

The neon tetra is a freshwater fish that is native to South American freshwaters. It is, in fact, one of the most popular species around the world. There are many reasons why these lovely little fish might be so popular.

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