What color should exterior shutters be?

What color should exterior shutters be?

Shutters are the perfect place for an accent color on the home. You will typically want to set the shutters apart from the body of the house by choosing a color that creates a significant contrast. Or, simply select a shutter color that is three shades darker than the siding color.

What is the most popular shutter color?

There are many shutter colors to choose from, but the most popular is a stately black. Because they fit with any home exterior, black shutters are universally appealing. White is another popular exterior shutter color. They make windows appear larger and have an airy, crisp look.

Should shutters be same color as roof?

The color of your shutters should not be the same color of the house, the trim or the roof, if your roof is visible.

How do I choose a shutter color?

Your shutter colors should match the accent color you use for doors or decorative trim. Avoid shutter colors that clash with the other colors on your home.

How do you pick a shutter and door color?

Does your front door have to match your shutters?

Your front door does not have to match your trim or shutter color. You can pick a separate color for each or the same for all, should you choose.

How to choose exterior shutter materials?

Types of Exterior Shutters: How to Choose the Right Ones Types of Exterior Shutters. There are five types of exterior shutters: louvered, raised panel, flat panel, board and batten, and bahama and bermuda. Materials. Vinyl: Vinyl is the most affordable material for shutters. Shutter Hardware. Hardware is not necessary if you’re installing shutters for purely decorative purposes. Measure and Install.

How to choose the right color for shutters?

How to Pick Window Shutter Colors Your Home’s Exterior Style. Determine whether the appearance of your home is more traditional or contemporary. Your Home’s Exterior Colors. Window Trim Colors. Complementary Shutter Colors. Neighborhood Houses. Paint Samples.

What color should I paint my shutters?

Choosing the right color for your home is the all-important first step to painting your shutters. The traditionalist approach is to match your shutters to your roof color. If you have a dark gray or black roof, then black shutters will most likely look nice; if you have a brown roof, then dark brown shutters are a great choice.

What color should your shutters be?

A typical home color scheme has two or three colors; shutters should be painted the accent color. Sometimes that means matching the color of the front door, sometimes the color of the windows, but always a different color than the siding or trim.

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