What company made Force outboards?

What company made Force outboards?

Timeline. Chrysler sold the engine to be known as Force as a Chrysler-branded outboard. The Force name appeared when U.S. Marine, makers of Bayliner boats, purchased the Chrysler outboard plant in 1984. Chrysler continued to make engines under the Chrysler marque, however.

When did force outboards go out of business?

Force Outboards were a brand of motor that grew directly out of the Chrysler Outboard brand. They began in 1983 with the acquisition of Chrysler Outboards by Bayliner, and the brand was discontinued in 1999.

What year did Mercury take over force?

More at our Chrysler Marine webpage. In 1986, Bayliner and its US Marine division, which included Force, were acquired by the Brunswick Corporation, owners of Mercury Outboards who were then tasked with supporting the Force product line.

Where is the model number on a force outboard motor?

Look at the motor mount on your Force outboard motor. The serial and model numbers are on a placard placed next on the transom bracket of the motor.

How do you identify a force engine?

Force outboards can be identified using the ID tag or sticker, which contains the necessary identification information.

  1. Find the identification tag.
  2. Write down the information found on the Force ID tag, which contains the outboard serial number, model year, year manufactured and the model designation.

Are outboard motor props interchangeable?

Ultimately you may need to accept a compromise or be prepared to swap propellers. Interchangeable propeller systems (and they are all compatible) such as the Solas Rubex System, Flo-Torq and Vortex are an option for quick swapping.

Where can I buy replacement parts for my force?

Wholesale Marine offers a great selection of prime replacement parts for every Force model. Some of our most popular repair and replacement parts include carburetor kits from Sierra to replace the carburetors in the Force FK10008, FK10005, and the 804346T02.

Who makes force outboard motor parts?

Force Outboard Parts Originally manufactured by Chrysler, Force Outboards were sold to Mercury and became among the first factory-installed engines in their Bayliners and other crafts. This concept caught on and soon other manufacturers were selling their boats equipped with outboards.

Why choose wholesale marine for your force outboard?

Whether you own one of the early Chrysler Force Outboards or the later Mercury models, Wholesale Marine has the reliable starters and solenoids for your outboard. Key to keeping your Force outboard running smoothly are oil, lube and filter changes as required.

What kind of oil do you use on a force outboard?

Key to keeping your Force outboard running smoothly are oil, lube and filter changes as required. Wholesale carries Premium Lower Unit Gear Lube and Bearing Grease from Sierra as well as Quicksilver 2-Cycle Outboard Oil and a host of other fine products from Mercury.

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