What course can I study in Ukraine?

What course can I study in Ukraine?


  • Medicine Courses.
  • Computer Science.
  • Nursing Courses.
  • Economics courses.
  • Civil Aviation Course.
  • Engineering Courses.
  • MBA and PhD Programs.

Is Ukraine good for Indian students?

Ukraine is a safe country to pursue higher education as the crime rate is low and universities provide quite a secure environment for students. Low Cost of Living: The cost of living in Ukraine is also low and Indian students can easily bear the expenditures other than the education fees.

What age do you start college in Ukraine?

Education System in Ukraine

Primary Pochatkova zahalʹna osvita 1–4
Tertiary Nepovna vyshcha osvita 12–13
Tertiary University, Institute, Academy 12–17
Tertiary Aspirantura 17–20
Tertiary Doctorantura 21–23

How long is school in Ukraine?

Since 2018, Ukrainian school education has been extended from 11 to 12 years. It now includes four years of elementary education, five years of middle school education, and three years of upper secondary (specialized) education.

What are the options after class 10th?

Courses after 10th – Students who have completed their class 10 must plan for the next stage which is choosing one from the several courses after Class 10th. This requires a bit of thought and research as courses after 10th include Science, Arts and Commerce courses.

What are the top polytechnic courses after 10th?

Here are the top polytechnic courses after 10th: Diploma in Computer Programming Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Animation, Art & Design Diploma in Hospitality Management Diploma in Accounting Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care

What is the eligibility criteria for engineering in Ukraine for Indian students?

The eligibility criteria for Engineering in Ukraine for Indian students is as follows: Student must be minimum 17 years old and above and the maximum age should be not more than 30 years. Students should have passed 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) from any recognized Board of India or abroad. Minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined.

What are the most popular courses after 10th?

Here is a list of the most popular courses after 10th: Diploma in Engineering Diploma in Hotel Management Diploma in Journalism Diploma in Education Diploma in Photography Diploma in Psychology Diploma in Elementary Education

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