What did Charles Aznavour song about?

What did Charles Aznavour song about?

The song, the story of a transvestite, was revolutionary at a time when talking about homosexuality was a taboo. In a later interview, Charles said “It’s a kind of sickness I have, talking about things you’re not supposed to talk about. I started with homosexuality and I wanted to break every taboo.”

What genre is Charles Aznavour?

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What subjects did Charles Aznavour write about?

Aznavour did, plaintively. He also wrote songs from the perspective of women, and for women, including Piaf, and his once lover, Liza Minnelli. “I’ve used the word ‘cellulite’ and ‘armpit’ in a song,” Aznavour once said.

How tall was Charles Aznavour?

5′ 3″
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Who is Charles Aznavour?

A keystone in the modern chanson genre, French cabaret singer and songwriter Charles Aznavour entertained the world for close to 75 years. In the early ’50s, he often opened for Edith Piaf, and composed several songs for her, thus beginning a solid reputation as both a gifted writer and a unique song stylist.

What does Charles Aznavour se paie dans son Nouvel album?

^ “Charles Aznavour se paie “la totale” dans son nouvel album” [Charles Aznavour pays himself “it all” in his new album] (in French). Voir.ca. 22 October 2008. Retrieved 1 May 2011. ^ “Charles Aznavour”.

How old was Aznavour when he died?

^ Marie Boscher (1 October 2018). “Hommages de l’Outre-mer à Charles Aznavour, mort à 94 ans” (in French). France Info. Retrieved 2 October 2018. ^ Yan Shenkman (22 May 2014). “Le destin russe d’Aznavour”. Russia Beyond the Headlines (in French).

How many songs has Charles Aznavour written?

In a composer/singer/songwriter career spanning over 70 years, Charles Aznavour recorded more than 1,200 songs interpreted in nine languages. For himself and others, he has written or co-written more than 1,000 songs. He has sold 180 million records, appeared in more than 80 films and was voted Time magazine’s…

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