What discounts are available on Amtrak?

What discounts are available on Amtrak?

Visit each discount page to read more and book a ticket with the special promotion code.

  • Military Service Members Save 15%
  • Seniors Save 15%
  • Students Save 15%
  • Veterans Save 15%
  • Passengers with Disabilities Save 15%

How can I get cheap rooms on Amtrak?

To book at discounted rates during this sale, go to amtrak.com/privateroomsale or enter code C645 when booking a trip on the Amtrak app. The paying adult and free companion must travel in the same room and reserve in the same reservation.

How much does it cost to take Amtrak to California?

Train companies serving Los Angeles

Train Routes Avg. Price
Amtrak Southwest Chief 30 $152.46
Amtrak Coast Starlight 25 $114.76
Amtrak Pacific Surfliner 24 $27.49
Amtrak Sunset Limited 18 $112.09

Do you sleep on Amtrak?

Amtrak offers private room accommodations on many routes across the country. Located in the Sleeping Car, a private room is the perfect option for customers seeking privacy and space on a short trip and added comfort and amenities when traveling overnight.

Does Amtrak offer any discounts?

Several discounts are available for frequent Amtrak travel nationwide, within California, and on specific regional routes. Long-distance Amtrak trips involving multiple stopovers will often benefit from a USA Rail Pass.

Does Amtrak offer military discounts?

Amtrak With valid active-duty United States Armed Forces identification cards, active-duty US military personnel, their spouses and their dependents are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the lowest available rail fare on most Amtrak trains, including for travel on the Auto Train .

Does Amtrak have an unlimited pass?

Amtrak says that the pass can be used to go to any of its 500 destinations, presenting the perfect opportunity to take an extended cross-country trip. Whether exploring Glacier National Park, Maine and Vermont, the California coast, the Southwest, or more – there are virtually unlimited options.

How do you get a discount on Amtrak?

Steps Do your math. Look for Amtrak’s SmartFare page. Take advantage of various passenger discounts. Get a group discount if you need to buy several tickets at one time for the same route. Buy a rail pass. Purchase a multi-ride ticket. Take a vacation with Amtrak. Sign up for the Amtrak Guest Reward program. Follow Amtrak on social networking sites.

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