What do appellate means?

What do appellate means?

Definition of appellate : of, relating to, or recognizing appeals specifically : having the power to review the judgment of another tribunal an appellate court.

What does appellate mean in law?

Overview. Appellate jurisdiction includes the power to reverse or modify the the lower court’s decision. Appellate jurisdiction exists for both civil law and criminal law. In an appellate case, the party that appealed the lower court’s decision is called the appellate, and the other party is the appellee.

What is a synonym for appellate?

court of appeals nouncourt reviewing lower court. appeals courts. appellate courts.

What is an appellant case?

Appellant. A person or company who appeals against a court or tribunal decision.

What is Concurrent will?

Concurrent Wills are written by one person wherein two or more Wills provide instructions for disposal of property for the sake of convenience. For instance, one Will could deal with the disposal of all immovable property whereas another Will deals with the disposal of all movable property.

What is opposite of concurrent?

Opposite of existing, happening, or done at the same time. asynchronous. nonsimultaneous. nonsynchronous. metachronous.

Who are the appellate authorities?

Section 19(1) of the Central Act requires that officers are appointed to who are “senior in rank” to the Public Information Officer (PIO) to deal with appeals from requesters who are unhappy with how their request has been handled. These officers are commonly referred to as Appellate Authorities.

Is appellate court state or federal?

Appellate courts are present at both the state and federal levels and do not include a jury.

What is the meaning of the word apparently?

Definition of apparently. : it seems apparent —used to describe something that appears to be true based on what is known an apparently happy marriageThe window had apparently been forced open.Apparently, we’re supposed to wait here.

What is another word for apparently?

Another word for apparently. Adverb. apparently, evidently, manifestly, obviously, patently, plain, plainly – unmistakably (`plain’ is often used informally for `plainly’) Example:- the answer is obviously wrong. apparently, on the face of it, ostensibly, seemingly – from appearances alone.

How to use “apparently” in a sentence?

Women stared from the doors of the houses and the children had apparently gone into hiding.

  • Yet here he was,apparently as far off as ever from the attainment of his hopes.
  • Whoever the pranksters in the car were,they apparently had a police permit for their games.
  • What is another word for apparent?

    Some common synonyms of apparent are clear, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, and plain. While all these words mean “readily perceived or apprehended,” apparent is very close to evident except that it may imply more conscious exercise of inference. When is it sensible to use clear instead of apparent?

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