What do Twin Spot Wrasse eat?

What do Twin Spot Wrasse eat?

The Twin Spot Wrasse will eat urchins, crabs, shrimp, and small invertebrates. It is an excellent hunter and will leave no rock unturned (literally), in search of food.

Are Twin Spot Wrasse reef safe?

Species: Labridae They tend to be fragile when very small. Adult twin spot wrasse are not recommended for reef aquariums because their foraging activities can harm corals.

Are yellow wrasses aggressive?

Very few reports of Yellow Wrasse aggression (it’s actually a member of the Halichoeres Family) and many success stories with it. It is considered one of the best members of the family to add to the tank.

Do Yellow Wrasse hide in sand?

In the wild, Yellow Coris Wrasse will hide and bury themselves in sand to destress and sleep. If their sand is not soft and fine enough, they will not bury themselves in it.

Are wrasse schooling fish?

Wrasse belong to the Labridae family. With 60 genera and over 500 species, Wrasse are one of the largest families of coral reef fish. Most Wrasse are schooling fish, but others may be found in a harem or as individuals when young. Most Wrasse bury themselves in the sand at night, and also when threatened.

Why is my wrasse hiding?

Well, getting back to the hiding Wrasse, most Wrasses hide in the sand bed when they are stressed, traumatised or frightened. This IS Normal. Do not worry.

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