What does 1738 mean in slang?

What does 1738 mean in slang?

According to Urban Dictionary, 1738 is “A term used by rapper Fetty Wap in his song ‘Trap Queen’ to represent his squad in New Jersey: the Remy Boyz 1738. The Remy Boyz named themselves after a cognac liquor which they claim to be the finest: the Rémy Martin 1738.”

Why did fetty WAP fall off so hard?

“He had contract issues. It makes an artist not want to make music,” Fif said in Fetty’s defense after another social media user claimed the multiplatinum-selling rhymer had fallen off.

What is fetty mean?

“Fetty is money… Wap is from Gucci Mane [nickname] Guwop.” As Fetty explains in an interview with Global Grind, ‘Fetty’ is slang for money and ‘Wap’ is a tribute to his idol, Alabama rapper Gucci Mane, who is also referred to as Guwop. [

Is Fetty Wap rich?

As of 2022, Fetty Wap’s net worth is estimated to be highly $8 million. Fetty Wap began his career as a rapper in 2014 when he released his debut single ‘Trap Queen’, which became a platinum record and peaked at No.

What is Fetty Wap’s net worth?

What is Fetty Wap’s net worth? Fetty Wap’s net worth is reported to be $ 1 million. The 30-year-old’s income comes from his music sales, YouTube, investments and tours. The rapper is from Paterson, NJ, and his real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II.

Is Fetty Wap Haitian or not?

There you have it, Fetty Wap is not Haitian but he love our culture, history, food and he wears the flag in honor of his daughter’s grandmother who pass. We have come a long way from people disclaiming us to having superstars claiming they are Haitian and sporting our flag on their head.

Is Fetty Wap dreads fake?

Fetty Wap Reveals Why He Bought Fake Dreads. Fetty Wap decided to have a bit of fun with his fans and haters amid mounting criticism over his dreadlocks. The “Trap Queen” rapper attributed the reasoning behind getting dreads to his love for oodles and noodles. He would later sing an oodles and noodles. jingle.

Where does Fetty Wap come from?

Fetty Wap is a rapper hailing from Paterson, New Jersey, United States who was born on June 7th, 1990. Since debuting, he has released two mixtapes, and had an enormous, world wide hit single in the form of 2014’s “Trap Girl”.

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