What does a davco filter do?

What does a davco filter do?

DAVCO is the North American leader in fuel/water separators and fuel filtration systems for diesel powered engines. Advanced filtration technology removes water and contaminants that can result in costly engine repairs and expensive downtime are available for every diesel engine application.

What is a davco fuel filter?

The Fuel Pro/Diesel Pro product lines are DAVCO’s patented “Seeing is Believing” version of Diesel fuel filter/water separator systems, which are used on Trucks, Buses, Marine, Off-Highway and Industrial applications. These products all feature superb water separation. …

What engines use davco Shop Pro?

The Shop Pro FXP 95 is designed for the DD13, 15, 16 engines and the Shop Pro MX is designed for the Paccar MX-11 EPA 2013 and MX-13 EPA 2010/2013 engines. The Shop Pro eliminates the need to use a hand pump or maintain reserve fuel for priming in a separate tank, according to Davco.

How many fuel filters does a Detroit 60 series have?

Depending on what model the Series 60 is, there will either be two spin-on fuel filters (primary and secondary) or one spin-on (primary) and one element cartridge (secondary).

What is davco Shop Pro?

The Shop Pro is a multipurpose shop floor tool, custom designed to remove water and contaminants from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel and prime heavy duty diesel engines including the Detroit Diesel DD13/DD15/DD16 engine line.

Is the Detroit series 60 A good engine?

Though the Detroit Series 60 has its issues, it is a very reliable engine and has less to worry about than modern trucks.

What is a DavCo fuel filter?

DAVCO is the North American leader in fuel-heater/water separators and filter systems for diesel powered engines. DAVCO continues to have the industry’s leading solution for keeping diesel diesel fuel free from water and contaminants.

Why choose DavCo?

Integrating our expertise and equipment with design, fabrication, installation/construction, and commissioning. DAVCO products and services are supported by experienced project teams that have been working with municipalities, developers, and engineers for over 50 years to deliver turnkey treatment projects and solutions.

Where can I buy genuine DavCo parts online?

Class8TruckParts.com has a great selection of Genuine Davco filter fiters, and Davco parts in stock, available for order online. Davco 102412 T-Switch, with Harness Weathe…

How do I change the filter on my DavCo dishwasher?

Close the drain valve. Use the DAVCO collar wrench to loosen the collar. Remove the cover/collar and set them aside. Dispose of the o-ring. Remove the filter by twisting it slightly and lifting it. Check that the grommet on the bottom of the filter is removed. If it remains on the stud, pull it off.

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