What does a medicines Optimisation pharmacist do?

What does a medicines Optimisation pharmacist do?

Medicines optimisation looks at the value which medicines deliver, making sure they are clinically-effective and cost-effective. It is about ensuring people get the right choice of medicines, at the right time, and are engaged in the process by their clinical team.

What is medicine Optimisation RPS?

Medicines optimisation helps the right patients to get the right medicines at the right time. It examines how patients may stop or start their medicines, how they use them over time and how lifestyle changes or non-medical therapies might reduce the need for medicines.

What is a medicines Optimisation technician?

technicians, medicines optimisation assistants, and allied healthcare professionals. • Support the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures. • Discuss medication with patients and counsel patients on the correct use and care. of their medicines.

Why medicine Optimisation is important?

Optimising a person’s medicines is important to ensure a person is taking their medicines as intended and can support the management of long‑term conditions, multimorbidities and polypharmacy.

Do you need to taper Namenda?

PP: The dose of the cholinesterase inhibitors and/or memantine should be tapered prior to discontinuation by halving the dose (or by stepping down through available dose formulations) every four weeks to the lowest available dose, followed by discontinuation.

How do I wean myself off donepezil?

Once the first drug (such as donepezil) is tapered, begin tapering any other remaining ChEIs by decreasing the dose by half for two weeks. If there is no clinical change, stop the medication.

What is medicines optimisation?

Medicines optimisation represents that step change. It is a patient-focused approach to getting the best from investment in and use of medicines that requires a holistic approach, an enhanced level of patient centred professionalism, and partnership between clinical professionals and a patient.

What are the pharmacy optimisation standards?

The standards have been published in the following two editions: They encourage a multidisciplinary approach between the pharmacy, healthcare and custodial workforce that ensures medicines optimisation is “everybody’s business”.

What can pharmpharmacists do for You?

Pharmacists can provide leadership and support for medicines optimisation but the principles need to be used by everyone involved in the patient’s care. As well as informing the practice of front-line healthcare professionals, the principles can be used by those developing pathways and services.

Who can use the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s standards?

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society are hosting and have published the standards. They can be used by anyone who has a role in optimising and handling medicines (for example pharmacy teams, nursing teams, etc) working in or with the secure environment sector in England, but may also be a useful reference in Wales and Scotland.

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