What does AA platinum status get you?

What does AA platinum status get you?

Platinum status is the second-lowest tier in the program and offers complimentary auto-requested upgrades, a 48-hour upgrade window, a 60% elite mileage bonus, complimentary Main Cabin Extra and Preferred seats, and 2 free checked bags.

Can you buy Executive Platinum status on American Airlines?

To get elite status on American Airlines you’ll need to meet the EQD (Elite Qualifying Dollars) requirement plus either the EQM (Elite Qualifying Miles) or EQS (Elite Qualifying Segments) requirement.

Does Amex Platinum cover lost phone?

You’ll have coverage for the following losses: Theft of the Cell Phone — A police report must be filed within 48 hours. Damage to the Cell Phone — Accidental damage is included and Amex does clarify specifically that a cracked screen is covered.

Does Amex Platinum pay for Netflix?

During the pandemic, the Amex Platinum offered a temporary $20 monthly streaming credit from May 2020 through December 2020 that included Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+ and Sling TV. If you use any of these and use your Amex Platinum Card to pay for them, this is a good benefit to have.

What is the difference between American Airlines Platinum and Platinum Pro?

One of the biggest differences between Platinum and Platinum Pro involves upgrades. Platinum Pro travelers will enjoy unlimited, complimentary upgrades on all flights eligible for 500-mile upgrades (generally those within the U.S. and between the U.S. and the Caribbean/Central America).

Does American Platinum get lounge access?

As part of The American Express Global Lounge Collection, Platinum Card Members can enjoy unlimited, complimentary access to Plaza Premium lounges around the world. Plaza Premium is a network of airport lounges around the world that are open to Platinum Card Members, regardless of airline or ticket class.

How do you get Executive Platinum on American?

To earn American Airlines Executive Platinum status you need to fly 100,000 miles in a calendar year OR fly 120 segments, as well as spend $15,000 in “Elite Qualifying Dollars.” These Elite Qualifying Dollars do not include taxes and fees —only base fares.

What does 500-mile upgrade mean?

What is an American Airlines 500-mile upgrade? An American Airlines 500-mile upgrade is the certificate used to upgrade any elite status passenger to business or first class on select domestic and local international routes. You need 1 500-mile upgrade for every 500 miles of travel.

Does Amex cell phone protection cover cracked screens?

Amex’s cell phone protection plan offers coverage if your cell phone is stolen or damaged, including a cracked screen. You can be reimbursed for the repair or replacement costs for up to two approved claims, with a maximum of $800 per claim or $1,600 per 12-month period.

How do I use my Amex Platinum Wireless credit?

To use the Amex $10 monthly wireless statement credit:

  1. Each month, pay your wireless phone services/bills of $10 or more with your American Express Business Platinum Card.
  2. Once the charge is posted to your card’s account, American Express will issue a $10 statement credit reimbursement into your account.

Is Peacock free with Amex Platinum?

Experience the latest shows, audiobooks, music, news and recipes. Get up to $20 in statement credits each month when you use your Platinum Card® for eligible purchases at your choice of one or more of the following: Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM, and The New York Times. This can be an annual savings of up to $240.

Will American Express continue streaming credit in 2021?

Amex Offers Wireless Credits Details The wireless statement credits are valid from February to December 2021, up to 11 months per card.

What are the benefits of the American Airlines Executive Platinum program?

Upon qualifying for Executive Platinum status, you’ll receive four SWUs which can be used to upgrade any paid ticket on American of up to three segments (except for basic economy tickets). You can also select two additional SWUs as a milestone benefit upon reaching 150,000, 200,000 and 250,000 Elite Qualifying Miles in a year.

How do I get unlimited upgrades on American Airlines?

Unlimited upgrades within North America. Executive Platinum members receive unlimited complimentary upgrades to the premium cabin (including award tickets) when traveling within North America on American Airlines. Your upgrade can be confirmed as early as 100 hours before the flight, when available.

What is the Alaska Airlines upgrade policy for AAdvantage Platinum?

Gold and Platinum members will get four 500-mile upgrades for every 12,500 EQMs you earn during the membership year after you achieve status. AAdvantage ® Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro members receive complimentary upgrades on Alaska Airlines. Upgrades will be confirmed as early as 120 hours before departure, if seats are available.

How do systemwide upgrades work on American Airlines?

Systemwide upgrades can be used for one-way travel for up to three segments on American and American Eagle marketed and operated flights. Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum members receive a choice of rewards, including the option to select systemwide upgrades, when qualifying or re-qualifying.

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