What does an optometrist need to know about cliclinicians?

What does an optometrist need to know about cliclinicians?

Clinicians must understand how to manage ocular changes and treatment contraindications. This technology has become an integral part of glaucoma care, and optometrists must understand how to accurately use it.

What are the latest advancements in eye care?

The latest advances tackle newer concerns like myopia control and sun protection, plus the perennial problems of comfort and convenience. This novel new system could mark a significant advancement for eye care.

How can a combination of imaging modalities help in ocular conditions?

A combination of imaging modalities helps reveal subtle changes that led to the diagnosis. I too couldn’t resist and hopped on it. Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

What is an optometrist and ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologists are medical eye doctors who are licensed to perform eye surgery. In many cases, care for a specific eye problem may be provided by an optometrist and an ophthalmologist working as a team. This arrangement is called co-management.

What can optometrists prescribe?

Optometrists in the United States also are licensed to prescribe medications to treat certain eye problems and diseases. The scope of medical care that can be provided by optometrists is determined by state law.

Is it cheaper to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist?

Without insurance, a routine eye exam provided by an optometrist tends to cost less than an eye exam performed by an ophthalmologist. Which is the best eye doctor for specific needs?

What is the 3+4 admissions program for optometry?

The 3+4 Admissions Program allows students to complete only 3 years of a baccalaureate and four years of the optometry college. This option also has pre-requisites described on the school’s webpage. Course curricula is posted at Michigan College of Optometry Courses.

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