What does Arena Pharmaceuticals do?

What does Arena Pharmaceuticals do?

We are a biopharmaceutical company developing a richly diversified portfolio of therapeutic candidates targeting gastroenterology, dermatology, and cardiology.

Where is Arena Pharmaceuticals located?

San Diego, California
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an American biopharmaceutical company founded in 1997 and headquartered in San Diego, California.

How many employees does Arena Pharmaceuticals have?

Latest Updates

Employees (est.) (Feb 2020) 320 (+65%)
Job Openings 120
Revenue (FY, 2019) $806.4 M (+4388%)
Share Price (Dec 2021) $92.9

Who founded Arena Pharmaceuticals?

Jack Lief
Dominic P Behan
Arena Pharmaceuticals/Founders

Should I invest in Arena Pharmaceuticals?

The Arena Pharmaceuticals stock holds a sell signal from the short-term moving average; at the same time, however, there is a buy signal from the long-term average. Since the short-term average is above the long-term average there is a general buy signal in the stock giving a positive forecast for the stock.

Did Pfizer acquire Arena Pharmaceuticals?

Pfizer’s $6.7 billion acquisition of Arena will give them access to a portfolio of immuno-inflammatory therapies. Pfizer announced on Dec. The acquisition gives Pfizer access to Arena’s diverse drug portfolio, most notably etrasimod, a drug candidate for the treatment of immune-mediated and inflammatory disease.

What company is Pfizer buying?

Arena Pharmaceuticals
Pfizer has agreed to buy U.S. biotech company Arena Pharmaceuticals in a deal valued at about $6.7 billion. The U.S. pharma giant said the acquisition would expand its cancer and inflammatory disease drug pipeline.

Is Pfizer buying a cardiovascular company?

Pfizer to buy Arena Pharmaceuticals, which has roots in San Diego, in $6.7 billion deal. Pfizer will pay $100 a share in an all-cash transaction for Arena and its assets in gastroenterology, dermatology and cardiology.

What has Pfizer made?

Pfizer Inc. (PFE) is a global biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture, and sale of medicines and vaccines. The company serves developed and emerging markets, developing biopharmaceutical products to treat a broad range of diseases.

Did Pfizer just buy Arena Pharmaceuticals?

Pfizer has agreed to buy U.S. biotech company Arena Pharmaceuticals in a deal valued at about $6.7 billion. Under the agreement, Pfizer will acquire all the outstanding shares of Arena for $100 a share in an all-cash deal. That represents a 100.2% premium to Friday’s closing price on Arena shares.

Who did Pfizer just acquire?

Why is Pfizer buying arena?

“The proposed acquisition of Arena complements our capabilities and expertise in Inflammation and Immunology, a Pfizer innovation engine developing potential therapies for patients with debilitating immuno-inflammatory diseases with a need for more effective treatment options,” said Mike Gladstone, Global President & …

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