What does Inferno Cop mean?

What does Inferno Cop mean?

Inferno Cop. A brash and violent former police officer turned vigilante. He drives a flaming cop car and his head is a flaming skull that wears sunglasses. He uses a revolver that blows up nearly anything it shoots. His family was murdered by Southern Cross, and it is implied that they killed him as well before the series.

Can Inferno Cop absorb Hellfire?

Inferno Cop could also absorb someone with the flames of hell, like him, as he did with Hellfire Boy to give him a boost of speed during the America Grand Prix. Inferno Cop also managed to undo Claudia’s Third Destroy Finale, which rewrote all of reality, after becoming Glitter Inferno Cop.

What is Inferno Cop’s aunt?

Inferno Cop’s aunt who lives in Hell. She is a kindly old lady despite her situation. Mecha Cop befriends her when he and Inferno Cop arrive in Hell, and she is later seen riding him into battle. A blonde woman saved by Inferno Cop, only to come back later, revealed to be a very powerful entity, with a passionate love for Inferno Cop.

How did Inferno Cop get his cybernetic body?

Inferno Cop attained a cybernetic body after a Southern Cross surgery went awry, and he became a car-like entity still with his trademark cap, flowing fire shades wearing skull. He reverted back to his base form after participating in a Grand Prix.

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