What does it mean to verse somebody?

What does it mean to verse somebody?

To train, familiarize, or educate someone or oneself in or about some field or activity. Often used in the passive construction “be (well) versed in (something).” Our program is intended to verse older customers in the basics of the computer’s operating system.

Which is correct verse or Versus?

Versus is a preposition meaning “against,” while its homophone verses is the plural form of the noun “verse,” such as a line from a song or poem. “Versus” has many variants and shorthands, like “vs.” and “v.”, but “verses” is not one of them.

How do you use verses?

Examples of verse in a Sentence Noun The epic tale was written in verse. The second verse is sung the same way as the first. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘verse.

What Bible Verses mean?

What do Bible verse numbers mean? Bible verse numbers are a way to reference a specific passage in the Bible. The basic pattern is the name of the Book, the chapter number followed by a colon, and the verse number. For example “Genesis 1:3” refers to the book of Genesis, the first chapter, and the third verse.

What is verses in a poem?

A Verse is a collection of metrical lines of poetry. It is used to define the difference of poetry and prose. It contains rhythm and pattern and more often than not, rhyme.

What Bible verses mean?

What does well rounded mean in a person?

: educated in many different subjects. : including many different things : having a lot of variety.

What’s another name for verse?

1. Verse, stanza, strophe, stave are terms for a metrical grouping in poetic composition.

Where can I use verse?

Where can I use Verse? For the time being, we operate in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

What is ververse?

Verse is a mobile app that allows you to pay and receive payments instantly, safely, and free of charge. It is very easy to use and works like a digital wallet.

What is YouVersion?

YouVersion: Creating experiences to encourage & challenge people to seek God daily. Every Day. We wholeheartedly believe a daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God has the power to transform lives. That’s why YouVersion creates biblically centered, culturally relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God throughout each day.

How does verse work with friends?

With Verse, you can now pay and request money from your friends in the time it takes you to send a text message. It’s fast, safe, easy, and free- no hidden fees! Forget about your calculator when it’s time to pay the bill among several friends! With Verse, one pays and the others pay you back in a couple of clicks.

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