What does it mean when someone calls you Guerra?

What does it mean when someone calls you Guerra?

Guerra means war or conflict. If you look in our dictionary, however, it defines guera as a blonde. guera-light skinned in slang dictionary.

What is a Gueros?

(Mexico) having pale skin and/or blond hair; whitey.

What does WETA mean in Spanish?

I teach in the schools here, and I’ll hear Latino kids call another Latino “weto/wedo” or “weta/weda” and it’s definitely meant as a put-down, especially judging by the way the kid being called that reacts. It’s like saying “Stop acting like a stupid white person.”

What is Spanish slang for white girl?

Carmen Gimenez Smith. The word güera is, in Chicano and Mexican-Spanish slang, a term for a white girl. It is mildly derogatory (as all such categorical terms are) and inevitably alienating, even (or especially) if one applies it, or finds it applied, to oneself.

Is Dora Spanish or Mexican?

Dora is a Latina. According to a Nickelodeon spokesman, “she was developed to be pan-Latina to represent the diversity of Latino cultures”.

What is WEDO English?

Wedo’ was explained to me by my co-workers as ‘white skin guy’ and now, years later, I have determined that the proper spelling for it is güero with the dictionary definition being ‘blonde’ but used informally as ‘whitey’.

What is spanish slang for white girl?

What does guerita mean in English?

What does the word “guerita” mean in spanish – Yahoo Best Answer: Güerita means blonde girl or with light skin and hair. The “ita” (female) part is the diminutive for güera. güera, in this case used as an endearment.(for cute) Note: The word güera (or güerita) is tipically used in Mexico.

What does ‘la Guerra’ mean in English?

User Submitted Meanings A user from Iowa, United States says the name Guerra is of Spanish origin and means “War”. A user from Texas, United States says the name Guerra is of Unknown origin and means “War”. A user from Oklahoma, United States says the name Guerra is of English origin and means “War”.

What does Guero mean in English?

“Guero” can refer to any person that is light-skinned and of fairer hair, not necessarily just blondes. Although not necessarily derogatory, “guero” can be used in a derogatory manner. In the context of the Beck song, I’ve always taken it to mean “What’s up, white dude?”.

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