What does jib mean slang?

What does jib mean slang?

Noun. jib (plural jibs) (slang, especially African-American Vernacular) The mouth, sometimes particularly the tongue, underlip, or tooth.

What is the meaning of TiB?

Definitions of TiB. a unit of information equal to 1024 gibibytes or 2^40 (1,099,511,627,776) bytes. synonyms: TB, tebibyte, terabyte. type of: computer memory unit. a unit for measuring computer memory.

What is a 150% jib?

Technically a foresail that does not overlap the mast is considered a jib, but an overlapping sail is a Genoa. Very likely you will hear the terms used interchangeably. In an effort to standardize which size sail belongs in which category, we have broken down each as follows: #1 Genoa is 150% #2 Genoa is 135%

What is the meaning of donned oilskins?

1 : an oiled waterproof cloth used for coverings and garments.

Why is it called jib?

jib Add to list Share. A jib is a sail at the front of a sailboat. Jib is also a verb, meaning “move to the opposite side of the ship” or “refuse to follow instructions.” The old-fashioned compliment “I like the cut of your jib,” or “I like the way you look,” comes from nautical slang, in which jib meant “face.”

What’s the origin of cut of your jib?

From maritime traditions, alluding to the identification of far-off ships by the shape of their sails, as in the Naval Chronicles (1805) “From the cut of her sails an enemy.” Used idiomatically of a person from early 19th century, attested 1824, possibly influenced by similarity of triangular jib sails to a person’s …

What does full of airs and graces mean?

Definition of airs and graces British. —used to describe an overly superior or proud way of behaving. She’s very rich, but she doesn’t give herself any airs and graces.

What is the difference between TB and TiB?

One tebibyte is equal to 240 or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. One terabyte is equal to 1012 or 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. A tebibyte equals nearly 1.1 TB. That’s about a 10% difference between the size of a tebibyte and a terabyte, which is significant when talking about storage capacity.

What is a 130 genoa?

A number one head sail would mean the largest genoa onboard the vessel. You might also hear a number like 130 headsail which means that the foot is 130% greater that the mast to forestay base distance. So as you learn to sail, you’ll find the head sail is relatively easy to operate.

Why is it called a genoa?

The famous Swedish sailor and shipowner Sven Salén (1890–1969) first used the genoa on his 6 m R-yacht May-Be by the 1926 in Coppa del Tirreno in Genoa, hence the name. He successfully used it during the Scandinavian Gold Cup’s races of 1927 in Oyster Bay (US). Sven Salén also pioneered the parachute spinnacre.

What is the verb for jib?

v.jibed, jib·ing, jibesalso gybedor gyb·ingor gybes v.intr. To shift a fore-and-aft sail from one side of a vessel to the other while sailing before the wind so as to sail on the opposite tack. v.tr. To cause (a sail) to jibe. n. The act of jibing. [Alteration (perhaps influenced by jib) of gybe, from obsolete Dutch gijben.] jibe 2  (jīb)

What is leadership?

36 CHAPTER 1: LEADERSHIP—WHAT IS IT? Exhibit 2 Role of a Leader and the Relevance of an Indentity Story Leaders are “persons who, by word and/or personal example, markedly influence the behav – iors, thoughts, and/or feelings of a significant number of their fellow human beings.”

What is the meaning of jibed?

also gybe (jīb)Nautical v.jibed, jib·ing, jibesalso gybedor gyb·ingor gybes v.intr. To shift a fore-and-aft sail from one side of a vessel to the other while sailing before the wind so as to sail on the opposite tack.

What is Army leadership?

Leadership as an element of combat power, coupled with information, unifies the warfighting functions (movement and maneuver, intelligence, fires, sustainment, protection and command and control). Leadership focuses and synchronizes organizations. Leaders inspire people to become energized and motivated to achieve desired outcomes. An Army leader

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