What does John Barrowman do now?

What does John Barrowman do now?

In 2008 Barrowman moved to the Isle of Man and founded The Knox Group of Companies which owned several businesses as well as Barrowman’s interest in Aston Ventures. The Group is engaged in private equity, property and wealth management, which has funds under management and administration of £1.5 billion.

Who is Douglas Barrowman’s wife?

Douglas Alan Barrowman (born March 1965) is a Scottish businessman and entrepreneur. He founded the Knox Group of Companies and has invested in Ve Interactive, Aston Ventures, and Equi Capital. He is married to businesswoman Baroness Michelle Mone. Barrowman was born on 1 March 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Are Michelle Mone and Douglas Barrowman secretly involved in £200m PPE business?

Leaked files appear to suggest the Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her husband, Douglas Barrowman, were secretly involved in a PPE business that was awarded more than £200m in government contracts after she referred it to the Cabinet Office.

Is Michelle Mone married to Doug Barrowman?

On 26 December 2018, Michelle Mone confirmed her engagement to Doug Barrowman. Michelle has three children from her former marriage to Michael Mone whom she divorced in 2011, Rebecca, Declan and Bethany, and Doug has four children from two separate marriages.

Where did Doug Barrowman grow up?

Douglas “Doug” Barrowman was born on 1 March 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was raised in Simshill, before moving to Rutherglen at the age of 13, where Barrowman attended Kings Park Secondary School.

Who is John Barrowman’s partner Michelle Mone?

Also in 2017 Barrowman was a director of WeShop Limited. In 2018, Barrowman launched Equi Capital Partners with his partner Michelle Mone, with backing from Steve Wozniak. Barrowman is also the founder of The Barrowman Foundation, a charitable organisation.


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