What does Mis amigos Juerguistas A Bailar CASI mean?

What does Mis amigos Juerguistas A Bailar CASI mean?

Mis amigos juerguistas y yo vamos a clubes a bailar casi todos los fines de semanaMy pleasure-seeking friends and I go to the clubs to dance nearly every weekend. This means that the noun can be masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of person it refers to (e.g. el doctor, la doctora).

Who is Jules Verne?

Jules Gabriel Verne (/vɜːrn/; French: [ʒyl vɛʁn]; 8 February 1828 – 24 March 1905) was a French novelist, poet, and playwright.

What happened to Jules Verne’s nephew Gaston?

On 9 March 1886, as Verne returned home, his twenty-six-year-old nephew, Gaston, shot at him twice with a pistol. The first bullet missed, but the second one entered Verne’s left leg, giving him a permanent limp that could not be overcome. This incident was hushed up in the media, but Gaston spent the rest of his life in a mental asylum.

How did Jules Verne come into contact with Alexandre Dumas?

Thanks to his visits to salons, Verne came into contact in 1849 with Alexandre Dumas through the mutual acquaintance of a celebrated chirologist of the time, the Chevalier d’Arpentigny.

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